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From Beyond – One Year Review

Released By: Self Released

Genre : Stoner Metal

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Robert McCarthy – Vocals, Guitar

Dick Beeman – Drums, Vocals

Tony Kaelin – Bass, Vocals



01. Evil (From Beyond)

02. The Heavy Wait

03. Warhorse

04. One Year


Stoner, Desert Rock, Space Rock, Doom Metal, Sludge…call it what you like, but the slow, brooding, dirty seventies-inspired vibe is one that isn’t exactly what you’d call accessible. While some bands, like ISIS for example, embrace this factor and aim to be the sludgiest and slowest, FROM BEYOND seem to be happy catering to a more casual listener crowd. Don’t be mistaken though, the four tracks available on the ONE YEAR E.P will all please even the most obscurity-obsessed stoner fan, but there’s just something about the disc that makes it feel a little easier to listen to than most in the genre.

The guitars are still fuzzy as hell, but there’s more treble and mids in the settings than what you would usually hear, giving each riff a very distinctive quality. The vocals are aggressive and a little un-hinged, but somehow also manage to remain pretty clean and more legible than a lot of Doom based bands that add a certain layer of Death Metal to the vocals. This is a logical step though as extra heavy vocal would haver really felt out of place over the top of FROM BEYOND’S slightly lighter approach. The E.P still has enough Stoner moments where everything goes a little haywire and trip-worthy, but it’s a trip you could easily convince your non-Stoner Metal fans to come on with you.

While the first three tracks all give a good idea on the lighter approach taken by the band which at times reminds me of bands like TUMBLEWEED and MONSTER MAGNET, the E.P really is based on the closing track ONE YEAR, which lyrically is another one of those doomsday songs about having one year left to live, but it sounds a lot fresher than a lot of other songs I’ve heard using the same concept. This last track really is the one that has a little of everything… Sabbath-esque DOOM, Kyuss-esque Stoner Rock and a psychedelic section that will have Space Rockers everywhere excited. The other three tracks were decent enough, and obviously give the band a bit of unique sound for the genre, but if the guys can come up with an album full of songs as epic as title track ONE YEAR then they may just have a monster on their hands.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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