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Khaøs – Khaøs Rising EP Review

Released by: MarkRossi Records

Release Date: October 29th, 2012

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Chandler Mogel (vocals)

Mark Rossi (guitars)

Nic Angileri (bass)

Trevor Franklin (drums)



01. Distress Signal

02. Hated

03. Reason To Die

04. Mind Violence

05. Perfect Future

06. Reason To Die (radio edit)

07. Perfect Future (radio edit)


The EP of new group Khaøs – Khaøs Rising is a manifestation of a flavor of global love and the collaboration of musicians across continents. If you’re familiar with the talented vocalist form Outloud Chandler Mogel, then you know he’s a rising star in the Hard Rock business. Due to his travels abroad especially Greece and rest of Europe he had a chance to mark down this particular project with other band mates such as Mark Rossi (guitars, Tribal), Nic Angileri (bass, Jorn) and Trevor Franklin (drums, Elis). To give fans a taste of what’s to come in 2013 we have a sneak peak of this new Hard Rock with Modern touches as a sample.

Honestly just the thought of Mogel leading vocals give you a reason to check out these tunes and that’s partially why I took a little time to listen to this EP that features 5 new tunes alongside a couple radio edits of the same songs. As described earlier the band’s sound is modern Hard Rock, no bull no frills just straight up Hard Rock with tight production and solid backbone of drums and bass. Beginning here you notice a more cerebral approach to each song, less melodic stuff which is something Chandler has been more associated with in Outloud and his previous band Talon, and more straight head rocker tunes that let’s his voice take hold and carry the vocals further; something nice to hear considering I have felt in the past that the wall of sound sometimes have drowned his vocals with Outloud.

The songs featured here start up with a well rounded vibe and the few two tunes “Hated” and “Distress Signal” give a good representation of the groups sound and style, again a little mix modern Altar Bridge and their own European blend of Hard Rock with classic influences. The more slower number “Mind Violence” has a tight explosive rhythm section which later gives way to the more straight head groove of “Perfect Future”.

Although this is just a sample preview, I do hope the band polishes things up nicely and gears up for complete record sooner rather then later. Looks like we’re looking at 2013 for a complete full album and a better picture of the overall sound. As I mentioned earlier they have a strong vocalist now and with solid musicians like Rossi for instance they are presenting a little deviation from the normal European sound that is typical of Hard Rock bands. A nice sample size that hopefully will turn into a more complete picture further down the line. Stay tuned.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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