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Youngblood – No Retreat Review

Released by: Eonian Records

Release Date: October 9th, 2012

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Bobby Sisk – Lead Vocals

Jeff Diehl – Guitars & Vocals

Eric Saylors – Guitars & Vocals

Danny William – Keyboards & Vocals

Kyle Koker – Bass & Vocals

Kevin Kale – Drums



1. Pump It Up

2. Love Is All Around

3. Sock It To Me

4. Get Down To It

5. Shot of You

6. Heat of the Passion

7. Save Your Lies

8. Feel Thang

9. Find A Way

10. Taste Of Your Lovin’

11. Back In My Life

12. Coming Home

13. My One and Only

14. Don’t Play With My Head

15. You’ve Gotta Go

16. I Love You


Throughout the PR business if you dabble in the circles of it’s acts and doing your best job to keep genres like 80’s Hard Rock alive in this convoluted and useless talent wasteland that is the mainstream music industry today, you know that no matter what anybody else says Hard Rock still making a comeback. And for archival labels like Eonian Records we thank everyday for keeping the spirit of the genre alive and well with their best resurrecting acts from bands of the past that got stuck in a time warp of grunge and pop and never could make it through the other side.

In the past years covering this label they have found some hidden gems in bands like Charlemagne, Felony, Charlotte and a few others that fit the bill of the 80’s perfectly, and with a little help from the remastering sources they have released some pretty kick ass material which shouldn’t surprise anyone, but with their upcoming re-discovery of Youngblood a band that at the time was offered contract by Sony/Epic Records. The band quickly jumped in the studio and new tunes we’re laid out and 16 tracks we’re decided for a new CD that never saw the light of day……until now it has finally resurfaced and what a pleasant surprise of gems you have on here.

Youngbloods blazing pose

The band after a few spins I can safely land them in comparisons to such 80’s heavyweights as Slaughter, Steelheart or Firehouse featuring  a rangy lead singer in Bobby Sisk and a melodic, cagey and sharp guitar player in Jeff Diehl; this band is tight and listening to “No Retreat” makes me lone the good old days of the prime 80’s Hard Rock scene.

A band with chemistry is crucial and Youngblood shows that it had what it take to land a top spot on any big time 80’s tour and may have gotten far if it wasn’t for the wind of change that quickly sunk the scene. In “No Retreat” the guys belt out some serious grooves in top cuts like “Love is All Around” and “Get Down To It” with screaming awe aspiring vocals that resonate after long while after. “Find a Way” belts out a batch of ranging vocal choruses that sets the mood just right, another crisp lick dominate this track. One of the best numbers here comes via the majestic piano opening of “Coming Home” that baits you with it’s piano mood, until it launches into a scorching melodic solo, later to reprise again by the vocal reach of singer Bobby Sisk.

Listening to No Retreat is like a greatest hits compilation of what this band had in store for fans of the genre, great tunes well written time after time. The production is priceless and after all these years we have a nice treasure chests of hidden gems from another promising band that could of would of. Lead singer Sisk is terrific where is this guy now? Bring him back and get this band together to record some new music please? This release could be one of Eonian’s best to date and one sure to keep the fire burning long after the flame has gone silent. Youngblood is a band that should galvanize any other aspiring outfit that still trying to make this style of music today. Break out the leather and spray and kick it up a notch with Youngblood, you won’t regret it!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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