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Awek – Rich And Famous Review

Released By : Absilone Records

Genre : Electric Blues

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Bernard Sellam – Vocals, Guitar

Joel Ferron – Bass

Oliver Trebel – Drums

Stephane Bertolino – Harmonica



01. She Turns Me On

02. I Appreciate

03. I Wanna Be Your Man

04. A Place Where I Can Hide

05. Gone Too Long

06. My Boss

07. It Hurts Me

08. Sound Check

09. Tell Me Now

10. I Don’t Mind

11. Give Me Time To Explain

12. Drive An Automatic

13. I’m Not In Love With You

14. Three Seconds

15. Papa Loonies Blues

16. Quit That Job


Today I’m very happy to be able to do something a little bit different for you guys. As much as we all love our Metal and our Hard Rock, most real music lovers would agree that neither of things would have likely ever come along if it wasn’t for Blues Music. Well, today I have the all-new release from one of the most lauded Blues bands across the whole of Europe…I’d like to introduce AWEK.

RICH AND FAMOUS is the band’s seventh full-length release over a sixteen year career and a pure joy to listen to from start to finish. The band go for a very traditional Chicago Blues sound on this record with a very clean guitar sound, a jazz-esque drum and bass combo, a smattering of Hammond Organ and some fantastically done Harmonica work. If artists like B.B KING, MUDDY WATERS and BO DIDDELY excite you then this album is almost a must-buy.

While the band itself is very, very solid and the vocals are quite good too, it’s no secret that the guitar work is the primary element in this type of music and well done to AWEK for really featuring some prefect Blues Axe work. There’s a couple of guest guitarist included on this album along with main slinger Bernard Sellam so it’s a little tricky to know who to applaude more, so let’s just say it’s a great effort all-round and call it a draw.

Highlights for me personally include I WANNA BE YOUR MAN, the cleverly titled instrumental track SOUND CHECK, I’M NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU and the swing-infused closing track QUIT THAT JOB. But really, at sixteen tracks there’s sure to be other’s that people wil like more than the ones I mentioned. I would have liked a couple of instances where the guitars grunt up a little for the lead-breaks, which is a trait that I have come to really enjoy from Australian Blues champions BINDI CIGARS…who actually hear plenty of similarities to on RICH AND FAMOUS.

I hope you guys have garnered enough interest from this review to at least check the band out. At the moment they are very well regarded from a European perspective, but have remained largely hidden to the rest of the world…Are they good enough to take on the American And English Blues bands of this modern generation, maybe not quite, but they would certainly give it a tilt…check ‘em out now!!


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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