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Destination’s Calling – End Of Time Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Progressive Power Metal

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Christian Grater – Vocals, Guitar

Markus Christian – Guitar, Vocals

Christian Frank – Drums

Steffan Singler – Bass



01. Feel The Rain

02. Soulbound

03. Revolution In Mind

04. The Broken Hourglass

05. Dreams Died On The Road

06. Another Day

07. End Of Time

08. Burning Paradise

09. Dark Poem

10. Walking On Thin Ice

11. The Way Back Home


German Power Metal act DESTINATION’S CALLING are one of those acts that I just have to scratch my head about…I mean why in the hell are these guys not signed to a record label??? In the accompanying promotional material the band talk about the fact that they have simply not been able to agree to terms from several labels, well I hope that changes really soon as the material these guy have developed for END OF TIME is absolutely world class.

END OF TIME definitely sits squarely within the confines of what you call Euro Power Metal, but there’s also a slight Progressive element that really adds plenty of flavour to the bands already great sound. There’s not a whole lot of fast-paced material on the album, but the more mid-paced feel really suits them. This slower pace really allows the timbre of Christian Grater’s vocals to shine through, and when his higher-register vibrato mixes in with the guitars it’s pure bliss.

One thing I really did like about this album is that there are absolutely no keyboards to be seen anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how much some well-placed keys can add to Power Metal albums in general, but it goes back to a discussion I was having with somebody in the industry not that long ago where we were both in agreeance that too many bands these days have begun relying on the keys too much, forcing a lot of the guitar work to be sub-par and way too low in the mix. Dismissing them all-together takes that problem away…making END OF TIME a real guitar-based album. At times I am reminded of bands like SAVATAGE, AVANTASIA and even QUEENSRYCHE, but with more pure guitar work.

FEEL THE RAIN, DREAMS DIED ON THE ROAD and WALKING ON THIN ICE are easily among the best Power Metal based songs I’ve heard so far in 2012, and if these three songs were bundled together as an E.P I would call it an absolutely essential metal purchase. As it stands, the full END OF TIME album is definitely worth seeking out for those Power Metal fans that aren’t afraid of slowing the pace down a little bit. I could have done without the two acoustic interlude type tracks as they aren’t really up to par with the class shown on the rest of the album. Check it out for sure!


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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