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Mos Generator – Nomads Review

Released By : Small Stone Records

Genre : Classic Doom Metal

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Tony Reed – Vocals, Guitar

ShawnJohnson – Drums

Scooter Haslip – Bass



01. Cosmic Arc

02. Lonely One Kenobi

03. Torches

04. Step Up

05. Solar Angels

06. For Your Blood

07. Can’t Get Where I Belong

08. Nomads/This Is The Gift Of Nature


It’s been five years since MOS GENERATOR released their last album, the critically acclaimed SONGS FOR FUTURE GODS. During the off time mastermind frontman Tony Reed has been busy running his own record label and has also released two brilliant albums with his other band, the seventies rock inspired STONE AXE. While this proved a very fruitful venture music-wise, fans have been chomping at the bit for a new slice of true MOS GENERATOR. Is it as good as everybody is hoping it will be?…Well I think yes, yes it is.

The trademark MOS GENERATOR vibe is easy to pick from the first fifteen or so seconds, and takes the centre stage all the way through a heavy, catchy and very enjoyable album. Where Reed’s other band STONE AXE take their cues from the more rock-based bands of the seventies, MOS GENERATOR head a little closer to what would have been classified as Heavy Metal in those times with a strong early-era BLACK SABBATH feel being the most prominent element. As you would likely expect from MOS GENERATOR by now though there is also a distinct sense of melody blended through the songs that help keep it from sounding too gloomy. Take some traditional stoner rock, turn down the fuzz a little, add some more cohesive melody lines and then mix this up with the addictive vocal of Tony Reed and it would very hard to find a reason to not at least enjoy a vast majority of this album.

The band have decided on LONELY ONE KENOBI as the first single if you will and while I probably could have picked another two or three tracks as strong lead-off points there’s definitely plenty like about their choice. It’s a monster of a song that treads a perfect line right in-between heavy Seventies rock and a slightly more modern, melodic element and features some great guitar work and a rhythm section that pounds along and shows that they certainly are worthy of mixing it up with Reed himself…The powerful vocals on this track do a pretty darn good job too! Other moments that feature flashes of pure brilliance are THIS IS THE GIFT OF NATURE and SOLAR ANGELS, which in itself adds something a little different to the album and helps with the pacing too.

Once again, MOS GENERATOR has released an album that ALL fans of heavy rock music both young and old should be able to enjoy together with no pretensions. What these guys are doing puts bands like QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and WOLFMOTHER to shame and if there was any true justice in the music business then these guys would be one of the hottest properties in rock music for years. If you have enjoyed any of the bands previous work then no doubt you will enjoy every second of NOMADS, for those of you not yet familiar with the group, check ‘em out as soon as possible…I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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