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Sons Of Otis – Seismic Review

Released By : Small Stone Records

Genre : Stoner Rock

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Ken Baluke – Vocals, Guitars

Frank Sargeant – Bass

Ryan Aubin – Drums



01. Far From Fine

02. Lessons

03. Alone

04. Guilt

05. PK

06. Never In My Life

07. Cosmic Jam


By all accounts, long-time Stoner/Space Rock band SONS OF OTIS are a band best experienced live, wherein they create a smokey, tripped-out vibe that really accentuates the Space Rock element of their music, and it’s not uncommon to hear people coming out from one of their shows saying they felt as though they were on the best trip of their lives the whole time. Unfortunately I have never been able to experience this event myself so I cannot compare how they translate to recording.

The Stoner element of the band’s sound is right up at the forefront of SEISMIC, and while there are a few little tidbits of Space Rock threaded throughout I’d be more tempted to call this a Drone Metal album than anything else. I you like your Stoner Metal sludgy, dirty and s-l-o-wwww then this is the album for you. An interesting choice production-wise too as it’s a real bass-heavy feel that actually makes it seem like your stereo speakers must be playing up. They are dedicated to their craft no doubt, and any thought of some pacier material or less fuzzy material is obviously out of the question.

The gravelly and discomforting feel of SEISMIC got to me eventually and I did find myself wanting just to get through it so I could listen to something with a little more clarity and color, but I can definitely appreciate the pure trip-worthy vibe of songs like PK, GUILT and COSMIC JAM. I think you’d have to be a real dedicated Stoner fan to enjoy this album from cover to cover, so approach with caution. But, the band’s almost fanatical cult following with obviously love every second of this disc and will be preparing to hear some of these songs the next time they get tickets to the SONS OF OTIS trip-fest.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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