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Tango Down – Identity Crisis Review

Released by: Kivel Records

Release Date: October 1st, 2012

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

David Reece

Scott Rif Miller- Guitars

Chris Konys- Bass

Keith Michaels- Drums



1. Cryin’ to Me

2. Alone

3. Dream Child

4. Blame

5. Corners of My Mind

6. Enlighten Me

7. Back to Life

8. Hearts Catch Fire

9. Calling Out

10. Magic Pudding


The funny thing about the Rock scene in general is that we seemed to have moved away from you know the gritty nitty blood sweat and tears driven music that was a staple of so many years ago. This synthetic replacement we have today is fubar and the “Rock” genre has lost lackluster talent, the pub, promotional image and generally the big arena stages due to this virus we call “mainstream” music today. Now that’s not to say that all mainstream music is garbage today, we know that’s not all true but if you think about the gone by era of Hard Rock in the 80’s you remember the hooks, the image, the party rock arena filled crowds, the energized “rock” clubs all of these things molded the culture of that time frame.

Today with the resurgence of Rock again, and yes I know the numbers in sales don’t show and the bad problem of illegal downloading and the economy in the toilet, we don’t get to appreciate the music as much as we probably should have, there are bands out there that still carry the torch and perfectly display all those idiosyncrasies of the past Rock scene. The New York based Tango Down fits into this topic of discussion unmistakably and with their new album “Identity Crisis” we have a no holds barre power meets melodic fun driven riffest action that will deliver on all arena rock levels.

The band lead by the new addition of singer David Reece (Bangalore Choir/Accept) and the blazing scorching licks of  guitarist Scott ‘Rif’ Miller they have firmly continued the all day tradition of rocking your socks off in the name of those legendary bands of all the past;  fill in the blank here________ no comparisons allowed. Tango is in a class of it’s own, Scandinavia Hard Rock but American made with enough power and melody to take your listening ears by storm.

What we have here on “Identity Crisis” is superb musicianship with class and tight production that meets all requirement for a good time, so kick out the jams, get a cold one boys and girls and grab your leather jacket I think it’s going to get interesting. Reece no doubt provides a capable range with his majestic vocals that not only translate well with this really Hard Rockier sound, plus is obvious the guy has a veteran presence that can’t be denied therefore perfect for the band.

We open things up with a sharp sound on the opener “Crying to Me” a taste of what’s to come further down the line. The first superb track comes via “Alone” where David does his thing on the mic, transitioning things nicely for Mr Rif to deliver a spiced guitar solo that treats the listener to an education in air guitar magic. Another vocal led tune bolsters the strong start in “Corners of my Mind” where Reece keeps on holding things together with his vocal drive, this time however the rhythm section is masterful, we have an 80’s rock sound shaking hand with 2012 and it’s feels so good that I can’t deny.

The ball and chain attitude keeps thing shaping up nicely and Reece sounds a little like Pink Cream 69 front man David Readman on the excellent track “Enlighten Me”, another driven power rock number that features a strong chorus line from the guys as well as another top notch solo from Rif master Scott. The sudden death energy of these rocking tunes keep flowing with attitude and pizzazz, take “Hearts Catch Fire” for example,  this track smokes with a classic bass line opening leading way to letting David Reece leaving his stamp at times sounding like a classic Paul Stanley; no doubt this track slays in every way possible. I won’t even get into the classic Rock/Blues Coverdale inspired “Magic Pudding” damn near perfect that’s all I have to say.

This one doesn’t tone down one bit as we move down the latter of these ten killer driven, sing along power house of record. What a killer disc we have here ladies and gents. If there is one band you need to check out then Tango Down and it’s “Identity Crisis” would fit the bill just right. Everything here looks and feel like it took it’s due diligence to deliver and complete a full no bull rocking product. The melodies, the image, the hooks, the guitar and drums, the writing and everything else along with it delivers on all levels. No these guys don’t care who they are compared to, they make no apologies about the influences but when you can RIP and ROCK out to some music like this who really cares what it sounds like? Big props to Executive Producer John Kivel at Kivel Records, the record was Produced by Ty Sims and Erik Johnson, and Mixed and Mastered by Ty Sims. No identity crisis to be found anywhere, the only mistaken case of identity is the fact that you can throw this record in a melting pot of Hard Rock classics and it will hold up with redemption. This is 2012 you’re not suppose to make music like this anymore remember?


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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