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Mob Rules – Cannibal Nation Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: November 13th, 2012

Genre: Power Metal



 Line Up:

Klaus Dirks- Vocals

Matthias Mineur- Guitars

Sven Lüdke- Guitars

Jan Christian Halfbrodt- Keyboards

Markus Brinkmann- Bass

Nikolas Fritz – Drums



1. Close My Eyes

2. Lost

3. Tele Box Fool

4. Ice and Fire

5. Soldiers of Fortune

6. The Sirens

7. Scream for the Sun (May 29th 1953)

8. Cannibal Nation

9. Sunrise


German power metaller’s Mob Rules are a band whose name brings instant recognition if for no other reason than its link to Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath. Those who also know the band are in for a particular treat as they have released in what is in my estimation the finest album of their careers. Their eighth full length album Cannibal Nation for SPV is everything so many imitation power metal bands attempt to create: an epic masterpiece that is in the same vein as the greats like Helloween and Hammerfall, yet ekes out their own existence. Though the name of the album could be misleading, it’s chock full of complex rhythms, soaring guitar solos, brilliant vocal passages, and tight song structures.

One thing that has always set them apart from others of this genre is their obvious influence of the classic metal sound like Maiden and Priest as much as the aforementioned progenitors of power. With only two changes in line-up over their near decade existence, the band is able to remain consistent with not only their abilities, but with their masterful songs. Tracks like the traditional “Tele Box Fool” to the catchy album opener “Close My Eyes” to the epic “Ice and Fire” to the beautiful “Sunrise” to the heavy “Cannibal Nation” this album is stellar from open to end. The band continues to grow and mature with each release, and Cannibal Nation is the pinnacle of their hard work and determination to etch their mark in the metal world.

I’ve been pretty open by the fact that I’m not a huge fan of power metal as a whole. I think there are far too many derivative bands playing this genre. The ones who started it are pretty much the only ones I truly enjoy, however from time to time a band will come along and do something unique with this style and Mob Rules are definitely one of those bands. I never tire of listening to their music and I think it’s a shame more people aren’t as familiar with them as I am. They have consistently released top notch albums exemplifying one of the few bands able to get it right. Check out Mob Rules Cannibal Nation for sure.


Written by Chris

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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