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Killer Bee – From Hell and Back Review

Released by: Z Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



 Line UP:




DENNY DeMARCHI – Keyboard/Rhythm guitar

JIMMY DeLISI – Lead guitar



01. From Hell & Back

02. Drive Me Crazy

03. Step Into My World

04. Love It Or Leave It

05. All Night Long

06. Footprints In The Sand

07. Rock Another Day

08. Heat Of The Night

09. Leave Me Alone

10. On & On

11. I Believe


Seems like we have been witnessing the resurrection of bands from the Hard Rock genres in the 80’s storming back and just crush it with new material in this post apocalyptic debacle that is the Rock scene now a days. Killer Bee had gone AWOL for 15 years and last year it was discovered they had released a greatest hits compilation which we reviewed here on MGM titled “Almost There“. News soon came that the Swede’s we’re aiming a late 2012 release for a new record and it was going to be titled “From Hell and Back” which was sure to bring their Scandinavia in your face Hard Rock staple back into the forefront.

My suspicions at first glance we’re right, Killer takes a step back in time and make an honest effort to soak the 80’s with a grown up sound but still hard coating their imprint that made them a commodity early in their career. I keep on saying that the Swedes can Rock and Roll man, so many bands now have jumped on the band wagon and finally people are taking notice most notably Treat who delivered a superb record last year with serious implications, well Killer Bee took some notes and decided to deliver a crushing record as well after a long time hiatus and original members Anders LA Ronnblom and Brian Bee Frank are back holding the foundation of the band tight as ever. They are joined Denny DeMarchi previously known for his work with Alias / Sherriff and Morgan Evans of Lee Aaron on board in this new reincarnation of the band.

An appropriate record name for the guys return as they unleashed some serious neck breaking vibes with some of the tunes on here including the title track which feasts on it’s speedy up tempo rip. Later it follows with “Drive Me Crazy” which carries another tight groove. The melancholy opening lick in “Heat of the Night” leads way to a powerful chorus that carries the invigorating energy that fluctuates throughout the record. The guys get touchy feely and put the E in Emotion with the ballad “I Believe” a nice piano lead number with rising vocals courtesy of front man Brian Bee Frank. The rebel yells of “Leave Me Alone” bring attitude back into the forefront as the screams and yells of Frank once again make a devout stance. But the fun doesn’t end just yet as the tight courtship brings super power keyboards and groove once more onto the fray of this early 70’s Hard Rock esque crusher of “Rock Another Day”, is as if these dudes we’re just waiting to wake up the giant and make your ears satisfy with melodic heavenly: mission accomplished!!!

A complete ripper of a record with top to bottom blazing tunes that  will power your player and make you jibe with with feel and rock steady feeling. The Killer Bee pack return to fine shape after years of dormant behavior to raise you fist and kick your face in with killer grooves and arena rock anthems. If it was only this easy to make good music anymore huh? Not surprise at the quality level in this one as I have been looking to this record for a while now and the guys don’t disappointing one bit. Every track on HAB bring  offer something that will make you ROCK out, big ups goes to the two original members as vocal duties are handled with as much emotion by Frank as the guitar attack by Anders LA Ronnblom and company. Overall there is nothing bad I can say about this record as it delivers on any expectation, and for fans of the band this a MUST buy, for people who may not heard of them before this would make a perfect sampler and introductory course into the  Killer Bee attack. Much Too Check Out!!!



Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10


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