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Mad Hatters Den – Dark Wheel EP Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal




Line Up:

Vocals: Taage Laiho

Guitar: Jaakko Hänninen

Guitar: Kari Korhonen

Keyboards: Petja Puumalainen

Bass: Harri Hautsalo

Drums: Tapio Korkeila



1. The Dark Wheel (Radio Edit)

2. Shadow Lord

3. Drain the Fountain

4. The Dark Wheel

5. Trail of Fears


Hailing from the cold Palisades of Tampere, Finland comes the traditional Melodic Heavy Metal outfit Mad Hatters Den. I had been sitting on this EP for a while now and ever since I heard it I don’t know why it took me so long to freaking review this one. All good music must come to light and Mad Hatters simply delivers and wets the appetite of any Metal fan bringing forward a mix of classic rock with 70’s laden keyboards meets European Power Metal shift rhythms to deliver a quite interesting EP titled “Dark Wheel”.

These Finnish mates clearly has some talent it really makes me wonder why it took the band this long to come out with some music, they we’re founded back in 2010 and after hearing the 5 tracks of the EP I’m clearly left with a sense of curiosity as to when they will release a full length feature. The songs here are all extremely well done with a big emphasis on guitars, keys, rhythm and instrumentation. I’m not too keen on the vocalist situation from the band as their official sites don’t see to mention a current singer so speculation on my part says they may be looking for a new front man even though Taage Laiho was guest vocalist on the EP. The vocals here however sound solid and are clear and concise which helps give the band an Edguy NWOBHM type sound.

A breakthrough on the EP is are the first couple of tracks including the self title kicking tings off nicely and gives a type of similar vibe to maybe old school Gamma Ray or Helloween. The best song on here is clearly “Shadow Lord” which doesn’t hide it’s Iron Maiden influence and is evident that this style resides dominant later on on the last song “Trail of Fears”. I don’t normally review many EP’s as I like to wait till a full product is furnished, but I felt these guys have something appealing growing in their metal pot. Let’s wait and see what else comes through the pipeline as this one is listed under the “potential” groups to watch out for in the future. If you want an early listen just head to the band’s social sites to listen to their EP and samples.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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