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Trail of Murder – Shades of Art Review

Released by: Metal Heaven

Release Date: November 6th, 2012

Genre: Melodic Heavy/Power Metal



Line Up:

Urban breed: Vocals

(Pyramaze, ex-bloodbound, ex-Tad Morose)

Daniel Olsson: Guitars, backing vocals (Ex-Tad Morose)

Pelle Åkerlind: Drums, backing vocals

(Morgana Lefay, bloodbound, LadyDie)

Hasse Eismar: Guitars, backing vocals

Johan Bergquist: Bass, backing vocals



1.Shades Of Art


3.Lady Don’t Answer


5.I Know Shadows

6.Your Silence


8.The Song You Never Sang

9.Nightmares I Stole

10.Child Of Darkest Night

11.Some Stand Alone

12.My Heart Still Cries


This record just blew my mind even though I had high expectations before I heard rumblings about the members involved, man totally blew me away. Urban breed and Daniel Olsson former members of Tad Morose the now disintegrated awesome power metal band came together after the fallout and started this project. Later to be joined by Pelle Åkerlind drummer from Morgana Lefay and Bloodbound. You see the connection here probably as Pelle and Urban had shared time in Bloodbound as well. Whatever caused these guys to record this project I’m freaking glad they did as the music here is simply of the highest order Melodic Heavy/Power Metal order.

I had always been a fan of Breed and his powerhouse vocal range and was pretty bummed out when Tad Morose broke it off, then I really stopped following his music for a while…..that is until now. His range penetrates any song and carries it into oblivion. But on top of that you drop the rip fest licks of Åkerlind and you have quite punch. First of all is nice to hear a powerful record like this one be delivered with some serious enthusiasm and conviction. The style falls perfectly between a mix of their former bands classic power metal groove of Tad Morose meets the melodious choruses of Morgana Lefay. The production is top notch and the final mix was superb as the sound really explodes upon first listen.

I know it can seem redundant and cliche but there really isn’t one bad song on this baby, and that’s a feat as the songs are usually over 4 or 5 minutes long but no nothing bad as they all cruise with effortlessly metal glory. Right from the onset we get nothing but hooks and crushing vibes from the self title track to the evil groove of “Carnivore” we get everything we hope for and more. Another excellent song comes via “My Heart Still Cries” what a bombastic song carefully crafted inviting all of the musicians in this great project to meet their ownage of their respective instruments wisely. Urban Breed keeps the flow going as if you need it to know how damn good of a vocalist this guy really is, well listen to “I Know Shadows” and be prepare to be blown away. In a battle for best song “Higher” scorches with fury and fire making it really freaking hard to pick a top cut as they all play like a greatest hits compilation.

I hear some many bands I can assimilate the sound too but it’s so darn refreshing what Trail of Murder has done here that it falls as one of the best Heavy Metal albums I’ve head all year, and yes I’ve heard quite a few. Olsson and Åkerlind add a dynamic structure to each  dominating riff and kick, the writing is heavy metal solid and with a powerhouse vocalist as Breed back in the fold there is no stopping the final product. Even at it’s length and it’ total of 12 songs, they each manage to sound surprisingly fresh, strong, powerful and overall aesthetically pleasing to my ears. Like we always say about these projects; please let it be a permanent thing and hope there’s more material in the sometime future. This is one release you will not want to miss. Bank on it!!!


At time of this review this release is only a Europe available release.


Ratings      9/10

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