Exclusive Interview with Matthias Mineur (Guitars) (Mob Rules)

We are so tired about the crap that you have on TV every day. Most of it is pure garbage and it fools the people. My opinion: If the...


Interviewed by Chris Martin (Senior Staff Writer) Myglobalmind Webzine

Myglobalmind:Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us today.Myglobalmind:I’ve enjoyed Mob Rules since I first heard Temple of Two Suns. What was it like in the beginning, the band forming and starting to write and record?

Matthias: It was a great adventure and a huge challenge to make sure that we can fit in a professional music market, not only in Germany but also in Europe and in overseas. We had absolutely no expectations but just the hope and the ambition that people love our music. When Temple came out we realized that we can succeed if we work hard on everything.

Myglobalmind: How has the band progressed since the beginning of their inception?

Matthias: The band progressed because a.) we could make a lot of helpful experiences, b.) because we matured as musicians and c.) because really strong musicians joined the band after founding members left Mob Rules. So there is a mixture of different aspects why we developed our style, our playing and our sound.

Myglobalmind: I took the opportunity when I learned I would be given the chance of asking some questions to reacquaint myself with your catalog. Mob Rules has consistently released great music. What is it about the combination of musicians that comprise the band that gives them an edge over other bands? What sets your band apart from bands within the same genre?

Matthias: I guess the main difference is that all six band members come from different musical backgrounds BUT write all songs together. Me for example I grew up in the 70s and I´m a big Rock fan. Our singer Klaus is more from the 80s coming from Maiden and stuff. Our solo guitarist Sven has a progressive background. So the sound of Mob Rules is a mixture of different backgrounds, tastes and influences, coming together in one song/band/album.

Myglobalmind: I love the fact that your music is the perfect mix of power, progressive, and classic metal. How big of an impact are the musical influences the members grew up on to the sound of the band?

Matthias: As I mentioned before I guess this is the main strength of this band: being open for different ideas, being able to accept different standpoints and tastes, this is what Mob Rules is all about.

Myglobalmind: The new album Cannibal Nation is fantastic. What does the title mean? What’s the significance?

Matthias: It´s also the title of one song on the album (it deals with Bokassa, pleased check out our official press release!) and it´s a cool term which is a bit a provocation and in a special way a bit unusual for a melodic metal/rock band.

Myglobalmind: Though, in my estimation at least, Mob Rules hasn’t released a bad album, Cannibal Nation transcends the earlier albums in leaps and bounds in regards to maturity. Every band when they release a new record says that it’s their best work yet, but Mob Rules can say it and it actually is accurate. Was there a different approach to writing and recording this new album?

Matthias: The different approach is on the one hand that we now have our own studio which makes it much easier to write and produce. And on the other hand the fact, that after a 20 minutes song on the previous album Radical Peace (the song was called ´The Oswald File`), led us to the wish for shorter and straighter songs this time.

Myglobalmind: Are there any particular tracks from Cannibal Nation that hold special significance for you? If so why?

Matthias: For me both the opening tracks ´Close My Eyes` and ´Lost` represent the maturity that we now have, combining catchy melodies with strong hooks and ambitious solo parts. Me personally I love this mixture of “old” and “new” Mob Rules.

Myglobalmind: The production is very well done on Cannibal Nation, what’s the advantage of having your own studio when it comes to recording music?

Matthias: The time that you spend in your own studio costs no extra money. The studio is already paid so we can write and record as long as we want to. It´s an unbelievable advantage and it will help the band in future, that´s for sure.

Myglobalmind: What influences your songwriting and concept behind each song? Where do you draw inspiration from since you do the majority of the songwriting?

Matthias: As I mentioned before the musical inspirations come from different eras of Rock and Metal. The lyrics are inspired by things of politics, culture clashes, TV news and so on. We live our life with open eyes so there are more than enough topics you can write about.

Myglobalmind: One of my favorites from the album is “Tele Box Fool.” What’s the story behind it?

Matthias: We are so tired about the crap that you have on TV every day. Most of it is pure garbage and it fools the people. My opinion: If the world is as stupid as TV we should stop living……

Myglobalmind: What are the plans for Mob Rules next?

Matthias: We´re currently working on a second video (this time for ´Lost`), we played some shows in Germany and Europe and just started to book a tour in spring 2013. And there are some surprises I can´t talk about at the moment. Please wait and see what happens…..

Myglobalmind: Let’s have some fun here: Top 5 best Metal bands from Germany in your opinion?




Pink Cream 69

Voodoo Circle

Blind Guardian

Myglobalmind: Do you have a day job aside from doing music? If so what is it?

Matthias: I´m a freelancing music journalist.

Myglobalmind: Have you had a chance to listen to many albums this year? If so do you have a favorite record so far this year? Metal or Hard Rock?

Matthias: I love the new Van Halen and I love the new Black Country Communion, these are my personal favorites at the moment.

Myglobalmind: Any final words for the fans and readers?

Matthias: Please give Mob Rules a try. It´s worth to listen to! All the best, Matthias


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