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October Rage – Outrage Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Modern Alt-Rock

Link :


Line Up:

Nick Roberts – Vocals, Guitar

William Roberts – Bass

Alan Toka – Drums

Josh Gilbert- Guitar


1. Lords Of Wyrd
2. Set You Free
3. Wayside
4. Silver Line
5. Rain
6. Home
7. Supernova
8. Eastern Road
9. Two-Sided Blade
10. Into the Night
11. Reign Of Fire
12. Under The Wind

OCTOBER RAGE was born back in 2008 when brothers William and Nick Roberts came back to Australia after a stint in L.A. They immediately began seeking a couple of other guys to help them bring their vision to fruition. Soon afterwards they were chosen for a support slot during BON JOVI’s Australian tour, and now three years later the band have self-released their debut album OUTRAGE.

The overall vibe of this album is your typical modern alternative rock, or radio rock whichever you like to call it, but the band do add some interesting influences along the way and the album does pack a couple of surprises. Tracks like SET YOU FREE, WAYSIDE, EASTERN ROAD and REIGN OF FIRE all fit in the mold previously set by bands like NICKELBACK, HINDER, THREE DOORS DOWN and PUDDLE OF MUD, but there is also a couple of acoustic type songs here that feature a slight Southern Rock feel. Probably the most interesting song on offer here is HOME which actually sounds like it was inspired by LOAD/RELOAD era METALLICA. Now while most folks didn’t like the songs born from that era of METALLICA, the fact that OCTOBER RAGE are a rock band rather than a metal band gives them a little more right to sound like this. To add another layer to the overall vibe here there is also a very slight ALICE IN CHAINS/STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/PEARL JAM feel occasionally that does add an extra dimension when needed.

I see no reason why with a little bit of luck OCTOBER RAGE can’t get themselves into the charts with a couple of these tracks. Music fans that demand uniqueness and intricacy will surely have to look elsewhere to get their thrills, but if you’re not afraid of a bit of radio-friendly modern alternative rock with a melodic flair you could definitely do much worse than this debut effort. Promising times ahead for these guys I feel….


Review originally published on October 23rd, 2011 but we have re-published since we feel this band deserves some more exposure and are just now hitting their stride here in the USA. Thanks Zeezee for the heads first on this up and coming band.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating  : 8/10



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