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Air Raid – Night of the Axe Review

Released by: Stormspell Records

Release Date: December 3rd, 2012

Genre: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM



Line Up:

Andy Stormchild: Guitars

Johnny Nightshredder: Guitars

Rob Thunderbolt: Bass

Dave Destructor: Battery

Michalis Rinakakis: Vocals



1. Treason

2. Night of the Axe

3. The Lost City

4. Highway Legion

5. Dying Man

6. Raiders of Hell

7. Call of the Warlock

8. Reminiscence

9. Riding Out

10. A Blade in the Dark


Is not a fallacy or an myriad, Hard Rock and Metal bands from Sweden are good, damn good. This time around we are invited to indulge ourselves with the Traditional Heavy Metal, NWOBHM influenced outfit Air Raid not to be confused with the UK Melodic Hard Rock band Airrace. Here be have another young group of rockers that take true pride in lifting that heavy metal flag high and strong and making bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Grim Reaper, Saxon, Gamma Ray, Running Wild all extremely proud. If you’re a fan of this style then you can’t go wrong with Air Raid. The band had already released an EP earlier this year and since then they have only picked up more steam in the metal circles, the new album is called Night of the Axe and it will kick our arse folks.

These guys are not only living the music but also the image of heavy metal. Tasty chops implode one each song from the onset giving the listener a punishing groove with style and explosive guitar menace. Air Raid is composed of Andy Stormchild and Johnny Nightshredder on guitars,Rob Thunderbolt on bass, Dave Destructor (no pun intended) the dude looks like a rebel bad ass on drums and Michalis Rinakakisas lead vocals. For a young band they sure know how to drive into each track and power and groove is a big part of their sound. Check the title track which is a pertinent part of the album and one of the better songs on the record, the guitars are punishing. Things keep steamrolling forward with another epic tune in “A Blade in the Dark” consisting of double attack on guitars and drum kit annihilation by Mr Destructor. Ohh but things get better on the numbers “Raiders of Hell” and “Dying Man” more fine metal tuning to add to this artillery of destruction. The momentum keeps plowing with success towards the end of this short but sustaining 10 track gem.

Despite it’s obvious influence and partial comparisons, Air Raid have delivered a refreshing new age classic Heavy Metal sound that takes all elements of NWOBHM and Classic Metal all into one and then some volt of kick starting crunch. What a great record for true metal heads to enjoy. Production value is solid as well and with a steel solid backbone of a rhythm section these guys can do no wrong. Not a weak song to be found anywhere and the vocals of Michalis Rinakakis ear shattering and effective on each song. I really enjoyed the guitar combo of Johnny and Andy these guys are shredders but have enough technicality to keep things interesting with the added caveat of the fantasy lyrics which are common of the genre. As the year wounds down here is one release from Sweden no less, again for you to gripe your hands on and should not be disappointing. Great record!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10

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