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David J Caron – Thru Ever/Ending Black Review

Released by: GMG Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock




01. It Gathers

02. Look Out

03. Time Machine

04. Comin’ To Get You

05. Memory Magnetic

06. Feels Of Fire

07. Frozen Ice

08. Unbreakable

09. Dark Of Night

10. The Knights

11. Too Much Little Time

12. Who Are You

13. Wall Of Life

14. Beam The Ray

15. In Me

16. Still Just One Moon

17. Escapin’ Back

18. One By One

19. Irreplaceable

20. Unlock It Apart

21. So Let There Be Light

22. Final Bell

23. The One

24. Has To Be

25. Legendary

26. I Am Your Shadow

27. The Tree That Waits

28. This Is Now



Now this is quite interesting and very ambitious, because multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter DAVID J CARON releases his debut with a full-blown 2-CD set titled ‘Thru Ever / Ending Black’, which includes 28 tracks in total.

David is an Irish/Italian musician settled in Ireland and he basically did everything on his own, with a little help from ROB MANCINI. Musically we are pleased with a semi-Hi-Tech Symphonic AOR-Rock sound that should be put somewhere between 1980s ASIA, SAGA, just a little ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, the very first GARY HUGHES album, PHIL VINCENT, the 1990s DAKOTA sound, FINAL FRONTIER and catchy 1980s US Cartoon Theme Music. Vocally David has got a good voice, although I feel there are some computer/multi-layered-vocal tricks shining through, which makes it sound a little fabricated here and there, but overall he sounds like a cross between ROB MORATTI/FINAL FRONTIER, JERRY HLUDZIK 90s DAKOTA, PHIL VINCENT and late 80s/early 90s GARY HUGHES. The best comparison is really PHIL VINCENT, who is doing almost the same kinda music on his solo records. Especially if you’re familiar with the 1990s records of him, which also included keyboards and uptempo AOR/Powerpoprock orientated tunes, then you will feel very comfortable with DAVID J CARON, but I have to say that David’s music sounds a bit more professional.

Although it is quite an adventure to get through all the tunes, it is a pleasant journey with a lot of enjoyable tunes. Most of the songs are uptempo, radio-friendly and very AORish and as already mentioned a combination of the first GARY HUGHES album, 1990s DAKOTA, 1990s PHIL VINCENT, WINTER’S REIGN and MARIAH’S TRENCH is definitely the case when listening to songs like “Beam the Ray”, “In Me”, “Escapin’ Back”, “Irreplaceable”, “Coming to get you” (classy 80s AOR-Powerpop style, even reminding of a BILLY BRANIGAN and RICK SPRINGFIELD) and “Has to Be”. Quite a surprise this album, especially since it’s from Ireland, which of course is not exactly the place where a lot of AOR music is coming from. If you’re familiar with the AOR formula of mentioned acts, with a slight Symphonic/Poprock touch, then this double CD is very much recommended to check out. CD 1 offers a slightly rockier (Powerpop) approach than CD 2, which is slightly more a Sympho-AOR adventure. I’m convinced that David should be able to release something even better in the future, because he’s a very professional sounding multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter.


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    7/10

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