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Bloodbound – In The Name of Metal Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



 Line Up:

Patrik Johansson – Lead Vocals

Tomas Olsson – Guitar

Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Pelle Akerlind – Drums/Backing Vocals

Henrik Olsson – Guitar

Anders Broman – Bass/Backing Vocals



1. In The Name Of Metal

2. When Demons Collide

3. Bonebreaker

4. Metalheads Unite

5. Son Of Babylon

6. Mr. Darkness

7. I’m Evil

8. Monstermind

9. King Of Fallen Grace

10. Black Devil

11. Bounded By Blood

12. Book Of The Dead 2012


Sweden’s Metal brothers Bloodbound return with their 5th studio outing this time around changing things up a bit and going a bit traditional and maybe cheesy with the lyrics on ” In The Name of Metal”. As you may suspect the music has gotten better and melodic and catchy, the lyrics could be a bit of a down point because they lean more towards Manowar territory. Fact of the matter is that this band is still improving and they have even stated before release that they we’re heading this epic/hymns route and there’s nothing wrong with that as we all know there isn’t anything wrong with keeping things traditional and epic.

Returning to the vocal helm the second time around is singer Patrick Johansson and it seems this time around the guys in the band have actually found a stable lead singer, at least I’m hoping anyways. If you are familiar with their history you know they’ve had a few shares of vocal changes some great ones at that with the former Bloodbound singer Urban Breed moving on to other projects as well as the very busy Michael Bormann for an album stint only. We witness here on the new record that Patrick looks to be settling in and rolling with the band’s style and good for them as we know how crazy line up changes can be for loyal fans to accept.

The core of the band is intact however as Fredrik Bergh, Tomas Olsson and Pelle Åkerlind all return on this record. We are treated on the onset to the title track which introduces the listener to a first glance of the hymn like atmosphere on the opener. The more traditional crunch of “When Demons Collide” features some more Dream Evil-esque anthem vocals which lead way to some guitar shredding at the midway point. One of the strongest tracks on the new record comes via the anthem “Metalheads Unite” which cover the shrines of epic metal realms with it’s toe tipping metal hymn as it calls on all YOU metalheads out there. Both “Black Devil” and “Kind of Fallen Grace” keep the album steaming forward towards the bottom half and both guitars ad melodies hum alone nicely.

In closing we have a solid record but one that may lead to some skepticism by it’s older fans as the writing is a bit simplistic but the music on the other hand is crunchy and featuring it’s metal churning typical of the genre. In The Name of Metal tries to carry the metal torch while yielding onto itself traits of old school epic bands like Manowar, Stratovarius, Dream Evil etc the difference being here is that they sound energetic, and it shows in their music. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things METAL after all sometimes you have to get in tune with what makes a genre so great and define it again and again. Solid punches with defined substance gives this Bloodbound release a STEEL SOLID rating. Big props to the great Mark Wilkinson for the artwork on the CD cover featuring the band’s Nosferatu mascot in full blaze spikes and stereo jamming like a true metalhead!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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