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As some of you know we posted a little over a month ago a POLL in what we thought we’re some of the best Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums that have been released so far this year of 2012. This was not an official BEST ALBUMS List that we usually do in January because there are still albums coming out and a few we can add to that list, but since we had over 1000 votes on this poll we like to congratulate the fans of KILLER BEE and their comeback album “From Hell and Back”  for taking the #1 spot with over 45% of the votes. See the detail list below with some notable albums that are worthy of mentioning. THANKS TO ALL THE VOTED!!! Come back in January for a TOP LIST of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Albums of 2012!!!


Heavy Metal Category

1. Killer Bee – From Hell and Back



2. Tank – War Nation

3. Trail of Murder – Shades of Art

4. Reverence – When Darkness Calls

5. Redline – Vice

6. Testament –  Dark Roots of the Earth


Hard Rock Category


1. Rush – Clockwork Angels

2. Van Halen –  A Different Kind of Truth

3. H.E.A.T – Address The Nation

4. Eclipse – Bleed and Scream

5. Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension


Thanks again to all who voted and make sure you check out all the albums on this list and on the original poll as music as you often now can go unnoticed. It has been a great year for music in these categories and let’s hope 2013 has plenty of more music to ROCK WITH!!!!

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