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Lust Boys – Tall Glasses & Short Skirts Review

tall glasses short skirts cover

Released by: Demon Doll Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock



 Line Up:

“Jayme Daniel Black” – Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion

“Tömmy Thrüst” – Bass, Vocals

“Brian C” – Guitars, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

“Benny Blitz” – Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, keyboards

“Stefano Sxdryv” – Drums, Percussion



01. Whitetrash Superstar

02. Black Lightning

03. Moment Of Madness

04. This Love

05. Hard On Love

06. Public Washroom

07. Garden City

08. Born To Lose Blues

09. Paradise Design

10. Leather N’ Boots


The Lust Boys are a Canadian Sleaze/Punk Hard Rock outfit that brings forwards all the flavors of the 80’s and the angst of the punk movement into their own crafted sound in the modern era. Sure they are many bands out there that fall into the sleaze rock category, but the few manage to pull off a sound that is both reminiscent of some of the Modern Sleaze bands from Sweden the likes of Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet , Hardcore Superstar etc.

Tall Glasses & Short Skirts is the bands debut record and it feels like they are just starting to break into the scene. The music as the usual status quo keeps the vibe pretty much the same, but the musicianship is pretty tight and the guys reluctantly deliver on most of the songs on the album. The band is made up of lead singer Jayme Daniel Black who’s raspy vocals share a distinct attribute to the music. The rest of the group jives a steady rhythm and bass attack that steadies the bands sound and atmosphere. For a band starting up the production is pretty solid as well.

For like fans that dig the sleaze scene you will in fact enjoy listening to the Lust Boys not only because they portray a sound that is both a cross mix of punk and hard rock 80’s but fun and what’s a good album without some fun right? Some of the most notable tunes here come across as nice anthems and provide a spark with it’s genuine tight guitar riff and solos, most notably “Black Lightning” and “Hard on Love” who both can be bits a pieces borrowed straight out of the 80’s sunset strip scene. A little bit of what I like to call suicide rock and roll steam rolls forward on the dark groove tune of “Garden City”. But no need to be a grinch here as the guys pick things up with a juicy bluesy number on the next track “Born To Lose Blues”, cool it adds a nice bluegrass tone. Last but not least “Paradise Design” takes a spin a breaks ground with it’s tempo shift and more punk hard rock groove to leave us with a lasting impression for sure.

This is a band I would expect a lot more from in the coming years as they are just now beginning to touch down and discover what they can do, spread the news and welcome this effort with tight musicianship and catchy hooks. The lust boys are here to stay with their punk broken jean and leather image and their bravado that fits their style. A nice record for fans of the genre and those looking to check out a band that needs some support especially coming out of Canada. Here’s a toast to Tall Glasses & Short Skirts!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10


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