Steve Lukather – Transition Review

A nice album for fans of his solo works and for any genre lovers in Modern/Rock Melodic fields. It's clear that Lukather likes where he is this time in...

steve lukather_transition_cover

Released by: Mascot Records

Release Date: January 21st, 2013

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Steve Lukather – vocals, guitars, production

C.J. Vanston – keyboards, production

Steve Weingart – keyboards

Renee Jones – bass

Eric Valentine – drums

Lee Sklar – bass

Nathan East – bass

John Pierce – bass

Tal Wilkenfeld – bass

Gregg Bissonette – drums

Chad Smith – drums

Tos Panos – drums

Phil Collen – bg vocals



1 Judgement day

2 Creep motel

3 Once again

4 Right the wrong

5 Transition

6 Last man standing

7 Do I stand alone

8 Rest of the world

9 Smile


A honest interpretation of who a musician is this day in age can be a kaleidoscope of truth that helps define the music that binds the artist and their words together. Steve Lukather i known most notably for being the rock band Toto’s main guitar player and for being one of the most notorious session players on the land this coincidentally led him to work with some very famous musicians throughout his career in the music business. Everything from his guitar playing to the people he has been involved in in the music industry has left a mark. Luke has certainly has it’s share of trial and tribulations through the years though, as many in the scene have but this Lukather now in this day in age is all about reflecting  on who he is and accepting the changes in his life that inspires his music, hence the name of his now 7th solo record “Transition”.

To fans of his solo work you’ll recall that on some of his earlier material Steve has tried to spread his love for the guitar well and that is an obviously notable trait from his part works, but on Transition while the guitars are well represented Luke does well with mixing some colorful numbers with your traditional melodic  hooks, and with more emphasis on substance. His vocals are something of a nice added improvement on this new record which is something he has admit trying to improve on, and it shows on tracks like “Creep Motel” with it’s juicy blues rock blend. The opening tune “Judgement Day” is quite a number with a Hard Rocker groove and Lukather taking control on the chords and vox to kick start the record with a nice punch. More reflection on today’s  day in age evolves on the passages of  the song “Right the Wrong”.

After the instrumental guitar foolery of the title track, Luke opens up his song writing and let’s it do the talking on “Last Man Standing” a nice pop rock number with a solid hook; one of the better laid back tunes on Transition. Another strong cut comes via the super chorus and tone of “Do I Stand Alone” which brings flavors of Bruce Springsteen or U2 but with a modern rockier touch. Another soulful bluesy cut brings in tads of modern rock blues gods on the awesome groove of “Rest of the World” which introduces the listener to the great guitar technique of Mr Lukather.

A solid work from top to bottom by this veteran rocker which brings a nice perspective on his career and the music biz. A nice job has been added to the production values which rings clear upon first listen. And how could we forget the vocals of Lukather, yes his vocals have been very well done and it adds a new layer of keen ship to Transition. A nice album for fans of his solo works and for any genre lovers in Modern/Rock Melodic fields. It’s clear that Lukather likes where he resides and that’ a good thing as it transits lucidly into this music.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10

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