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A Sound of Thunder – Queen of Hell EP Review

queen of hell ep _cover

Released by: Independent

Release Date: January 29th, 2013

Genre: Heavy Metal




Line Up:

Nina Osegueda – Vocals

Josh Schwartz – Guitar

Chris Haren – Drums

Jesse Keen – Bass



1. Queen of Hell (Album Version)

2. Hello Nurse

3. Trashed

4. Queen of Hell (featuring Veronica Freeman)


What we have here is a sneak peek as to what’s to come perhaps later this year and a band that’s destined to become great. The Washington DC area based ASOT are back with their EP Queen of Hell, a quick turnaround after the stunningly high quality sophomore release of “Out of the Darkness” early last year on Nightmare Records. The Americans provided the listener with a powerful and exuberant torch of energy and intricate sounds that all follow their own lead but combine elements of classic Heavy Metal, Power Metal and progressive delicacies making it one of the most underrated releases of this part year.

The band led by the banshee vocals of front lady Nina Osegueda and the cunning instrumental efforts of their guitar player Josh Schwartz are once again letting it all hang out and have started building up the anticipation even more for their next full album. The new EP and it’s concept hail from by classic power metal and underground metal releases and the badass cover of a Queen sitting on a throne of skulls is simply METAL!!! But what about the music? Funny you ask because we have here are a total of 4 tracks the first is the EP self title track which is noting short of a heavy thunder anthem with so many layers of intricacy on the guitar that will make you take notice, but that’s not all Nina’s carnal and ferocious pipes take the cake as she just rounds this epic song with thunderous heard making it a statement as to what their next offering will bring. The next one “Hello Nurse” is where things get creatively interesting as the band delves into a bit of progressiveness and still manage to portray their sound with similar power and obscurity at the same time, here the rest of the band shines as  the guitars hold the base with force again and the keys solo? ohh yeah brilliant I loved it just an interesting tune with plenty of levels of curiosity. The next song is “Trashed” a cover version of the opener of Black Sabbath’s album Born Again with Ian Gillain, a more typical and straight ahead number that is solid but nothing more, but it leads to another version of Queen of Hell this time with the great Veronica Freeman of Benedictum singing along this one.

Well a nice treat to please the appetite but now I want a complete studio release which is coming in due time. A Sound of Thunder is a group that has no limitations they have already laid the groundwork for the next best thing, all the roads are paved and is just a matter of time before they break into the bigs, let’s hope is sooner rather then later. A great asset to have is Nina on vocals just a terrific front lady and one of the best in the Metal scene and the rest of the band are terrific musicians that know how glue things together and build the core around their powerful sound, if you haven’t checked out their last release I suggest you do now and then go check the band out through their social networks and help them spread their music, the more people that support them the more music they will put out the quicker their next record will come to fruition. Until then rock out and put two horns up as the Demon Queen takes her throne with a Sound of Thunder in the background legions of goons will follow, all hail the metal queen!!!


Queen of Hell is available in 3 physical formats as well as digital download:



-250 Copies

– 12″ Blood Red Vinyl

– Includes Free Digital Copy

– Includes 4″ Emroidered “Queen’s Guard” Patch

– Exclusive Inner Sleeve Artwork



– Cardboard Sleeve Edition



-25 Hand-Numbered Copies

– Signed by entire band and Veronica Freeman

– Includes 4″ Embroidered “Queen’s Guard” Patch

– Includes Certificate of Authenticity


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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