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Forcentury – Revelant Review


Released by: Mighty Music/Target Distribution

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Johnn Thunder- Vocals

Marc Masters- Guitars

Jonas- Drums

Jack- Guitars

Iver– Bass

Andreas- Keyboards



1. Seal Of The Sinner

2. Outcast

3. Ashen

4. The Shroud

5. Repercussions of Terror

6. Beyond Recognition

7. Safe Haven

8. The Lust, The Desire And The Temptation

9. The Reductionist

10. Changing Ways


I somehow must have missed the debut album ‘Vanguard’ from 2009 of the Dannish band FORCENTURY, but their 2nd album ‘Revelant’ is definitely a massive sounding album that should appeal to anyone into Melodic Progressive Power Metal. Comparisons to PAGAN’S MIND and a less proggy THRESHOLD are very clear here, but there’s also a healthy dose of Melodic Power Metal to be heard, such as during the fast opener “Seal of the sinner”.

One of the absolute highlights is definitely the midtempo “Ashen”, which is quite a superb bombastic Progressive Metal tune that reminds of PAGAN’S MIND, yet with a darker approach. Also “The shroud” is such a beautiful track, with a very nice calmer intro that sounds just perfect and then when the gallop-guitar-wall-of-sound kicks in, we’re heading into a Classic Melodic Metalsound (reminding me of HELLOISE somehow!). Important for this kind of Metal is the vocalwork, which thankfully is in good shape here, because the band’s lead singer JOHNN THUNDER has a strong voice that somehow reminds me of 80s Dutch Metal singers (VANDENBERG/HELLOISE).

As mentioned, the sound/production is huge and the musicianship is rather excellent, with nothing but high quality from start to finish. The band does also take some Thrash Metal influences into their songs, especially during the rather aggressive sounding “Repercussions of terror” and “Beyond recognition”, but follow up those 2 songs with the finest song on the whole album, which is the beautiful semi-ballad “Safe haven” that could have been on any HELLOISE album! And also the fantastic “The reductionist” should be mentioned, because this is a fantastic THRESHOLD soundalike uptempo Progressive Metal Masterpiece!

Conclusion, any Metalhead should go check out this lovely new album of FORCENTURY, which is a mix between PAGAN’S MIND and HELLOISE, with some Power and Thrash Metal influences here and there.


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10

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