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Angeline – Life EP Review


Released by: Digital Online

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock



 Line Up:

Jocke Nilsson – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Janne Arkegren – Guitar

Uffe Nilsson – Bass

Tobbe Jonsson – Drums & percussion



1. Life

2. Can’t You Fell it Now?

3. Into the Fire

4. Days Go By


The Melodic Rock band Angeline hailing from Sweden are back with their new EP titled “Life”, following the success of their comeback album “Disconnected” a record we reviewed here on MGM.  Interesting to note the band has been around since the late 80’s and really took me by surprise how good their last record was. Now riding high and inspired once again off the great feedback they got on Disconnected ,they are back with a 4 song EP.

The band is composed of Vocals & Guitar by Jocke Nilsson, Janne Arkegren on Guitars,  Tobbe Jonson handling Drums and Uffe Nilsson on Bass. The new Ep has the band continuing the winning formula they carried well on their last album and that is strong songwriting, good guitar melodies and nice hooks with a very updated modern rock sound that fits today’s contemporary style very well. Think of Harry Hess the former Harem Scarem great vocalist and his last solo record if you want to get a better picture at the sound featured here on Life.

The first track which happens to be the title track “Life” is more AOR driven and connects the dots to their last record pretty well, the next one “Can You Feel It Now” is where the Harem Scarem comparisons appears, very nicely done and digging the more mellow modern rock sound if their next album sounds like this I can see me enjoying as much as “Disconnected”.  The bluesy hard rock groove of “Into the Fire” picks up the groove with a nice bass and rhythm action by the guys, a nice change of pace and even though it sounds different then the other tunes, the band has a knack for seemingly transitioning into this type of songs and make them sound good. Finally we are left with “Days Gone By” which is a slower number ballad opener with acoustic lead and soft vocals, a nice tone to end the EP and leaving hope for a full album soon.

In case the Melodic rockers out there missed their last release I suggest checking back on that one and then purchasing this online digital release EP of “Life”, a welcome addition to any rockers collection. As I said before about this band they have the experience being together for a long time, they know who they are they won’t over do it and just plain make good music, all parties involved. Can’t wait for the next record!!! You can purchase the EP from The new Angeline E.P “Life” is released digitally on iTunes & Spotify on 2013.01.25.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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