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Denied – Let Them Burn Review


Released by: Sliptrick Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Groove Metal/Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Andreas Carlsson – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Chris Vowden – Lead Guitar

Fredde Isaksson – Bass

Johan Fahlberg – Vocals

Pete Dolls – Drums



01. Judas Kiss

02. Dead Messiah

03. Garden Of Stone

04. Constant Rage

05. Until The End Of Time

06. Lesser Son

07. Seven Times Your Sin

08. Nothing Is Sacred

09. The Black Room

10. In Hell


The third album of Swedish band Denied. Decent Power/Heavy Metal with occasional Modern Thrash elements and some melodic parts. There is no happy-power here at all. It is in the same vein with later works of Nocturnal Rites (though a bit thrashy), German Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay and Incrave. Some riffings and guitar solos are even in a Mercyful Fate tradition. Johan Fahlberg’s voice is strong, neither sweet nor too brutal it definitely fits well here. Drumming is powerful and mighty.

Overall pace is not very fast however songs like “Judas Kiss”, “Constant Rage”, “Seven Times Your Sin” and “In Hell” are really killer up-tempo tracks that could be considered the best.

The most melodic track is “Dead Messiah” but in general the music is full with aggressive riffs and dark melodies, even power half-ballad “Garden of Stone” sounds really heavy. Some mid-Eastern elements could be heard in “Until the End of Time”, it’s a very magnificent and epic composition, and I enjoyed it very much. “Lesser Son” and “The Black Room” are the heaviest songs with groovy elements. They are possibly slightly weaker than others but only because I prefer faster songs a bit more.

The production is great, all instruments and vocals sound clean and distinct. The musicianship is not very original but decent; without any doubts the band has its own face. Musicians surely could create memorable songs. So “Let Them Burn” is a very good release and could be certainly recommended to all fans of Swedish Metal scene and dark Power Metal.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    8/10

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