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Silvercast – Chaos Engines Review


Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Veronica «Alternica» Moguilev-Volskaya – vocals

Sergey Valeryanov – guitars

Max Kazunka – keyboards

Konstantin «StarSaber» Shorshin – bass

Sergey Kournakin – drums



01. The Steps of Perfect Silence

02. Mechanical Heart

03. Labyrinth

04. The Name of Chaos

05. Alexandrite

06. Crystal Flowers

07. An Old Melody for a Flute

08. In Your Core

09. Prayer

10. Echo of Salvation


I am always a little sceptic when it comes down to Russian bands, but for this SILVER CAST I gladly make an exception, because their first full-length CD ‘Chaos engines’ sounds pretty good actually. The Saint Petersburg based band was formed in 2007 and after playing support to SONATA ARCTICA in 2010, recording a first EP the same year, it is now time to present to the world a full-length album.

The band is blessed with a terrific female singer called Veronica «Alternica» Moguilev-Volskaya, who is making SILVER CAST sound just a little better than the massive amount of similar bands in the female fronted Melodic Prog/Power Metal genre in which they are active. Of course the high level of NIGHTWISH, EPICA, AFTER FOREVER is a tough challenge, but I have to say that for a newcomer band, SILVER CAST will definitely appeal to fans of such bands. Their songs are partly sung in Russian and partly in English. Of course the Russian sung songs are impossible to understand, but nevertheless a song like “Labyrinth” is still quite enjoyable to listen to. One of the absolute highlights is the truly superb “The name of chaos” with it’s beautiful catchy melodic chorus and nicely played keyboard and guitarsolo’s, reminding somewhat of KAMELOT.

The band has got a great guitar player in their line-up as well (Sergey Valeryanov) and thanks to the mastering at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, their album ‘Chaos engines’ should be a surprising top 10 record in the female fronted metal releases of 2012!


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10





SilverCast metal band has been formed in 2007 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The musicians have already given about 40 concerts in Russia, including St.Petersburg, Mos?ow and Luga. They even performed as a supporting band for Sonata Arctica’s gig in Russia (13 Feb, 2010), and it was fucking great! Several days before that event SilverCast had released the single called “Za liniey ognya” (“Behind the Firing Line”), including 2 tracks: the song of the same name and the cover-version of Sonata Arctica’s well-known song “Fullmoon”.

The next SilverCast disc “Dancing with the silence” is also available online. It includes 4 tracks. Check it out!

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