Exclusive Interview with Simon Cruz (Lead Vocals, Guitar)(CrashDiet)

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Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

Myglobalmind: Hi guys this new release has added new elements to the Crashdiet sound.It features for example a seven minute epic tune, and also some songs with strings.What has caused this change in your songwriting-natural progression or new influences? How did this then affect the recording process for the album?

Simon: Well we wrote most of the album after coming home from touring before Christmas last year and we didn’t really have any plans for what we wanted to sound like, we just wrote a lot of songs and tried out some new ideas that ended up working very well.

Myglobalmind: Simon I believe you were introduced last time that you played Belfast to a to a strange drink by a friend of mine-Guinness, redbulls-are these still part of your staple diet?

exclusive interview_simon_cruz_interviewpic2 Simon: Ha ha, never had it since then.. that might tell you something.. Na from what I remember it was good, I just don’t drink Guinness that often.

Myglobalmind: OK guys I would like you to take me through your latest CD track-by track-try to give me an idea of how each song was created,the lyrical subject-ie the story behind the music so to speak..and if necessary the studio process of recording eg the string pieces… (perhaps several different band members input-to give different perspectives on the release).

Simon: Well man that’s the kind of information you tell about a record 20 years after the release when you write the book!

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Simon: I´ll give you some.

Change the world was the first song we wrote for the new album. It just appeared naturally.

Anarchy is written about its founder

California I wrote with Eric about our first visit there

Lickin dog is cool, and about a real person

Snakes in Paradise; my old neighbor a nice finish gypsy woman plays the violin.

Drinking without you was actually written originally in winter 2009

Damaged kid is about an exgirlfriend and ex-stripper and a good friend of ours

Excited came out stunning, should be a single! I wrote the verse and Eric bridge and chorus.

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Garden of Babylon is fantasy mixed with hallucinations and mental illness.

Myglobalmind: The cover of the album seems to feature a post-apocalyptic world-what exactly is “The Savage Playground”?

Simon: It’s the world you enter when you learn to let yourself be ruled only by instinct.

Myglobalmind: It also features several guest appearances,would you like to discuss those individually and their contributions to the CD?

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Simon: Well our producer was involved a lot in the shaping of the music and atmospheric appearance, and I think he added the right spice to the record, that includes his guest appearances.

Myglobalmind: Finally what are the bands touring and promotion plans for the rest of the year to promote the release of “The Savage Playground”

Simon: We would like to make videos for all the songs of course. We will tour the world til it pukes us out!



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