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Pomegranate Tiger – Entities Review

pomegranate tiger

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Instrumental Metal



 Line Up:

Martin Andres – Lead Guitars

Matt Shaheen – Guitars

Keith Wilkinson – Bass

Phil Gatti – Drums & Percussion



01. Gift of Tongues

02. Maxims

03. Stars

04. Drifting

05. New Breed

06. Mountains in the Sky

07. Not to See the Sun

08. Ocean – I. White Ship

09. Ocean – II. Maelstrom

10. Ocean – III. The Golden Portal

11. Sign of Ruin

12. Regenesis


Experimental Progressive Metal, the very thought of that sub label brings in all kinds of complexities and oddities. The name itself Pomegranate Tiger is unique in it’s meticulousness. But there’s more to these Canadians then meets the eye and is all in their music which brings more then a few listens to pick up it’s intricacies. Upon further listening I think I was swooped in…

Wow. Wow. Wow. What can I say? This release blew me away. This disc has it all. Shred. Thump. Pound. Pomegranate Tiger released an instrumental rock album titled Entities in 2012. Entities starts off with Gift Of Tongues, an emotionally sweeping track that soon explodes, and I mean EXPLODES, into Maxims. Maxims is full of driving, in-your-face solos and rhythmic pounding that gets the chest thumping. Excellent, excellent track. Stars is another good tune that flows nicely into Drifting; a melodic, piano/keyboard-driven track that made this listener smile. At nearly 11 minutes, New Breed moves in almost every emotion imaginable. This is the standout track of the album. Awesome, awesome song. Mountains In The Sky and Not To See The Sun keep the album moving along with more progressively-infused instrumental metal. The rhythm guitar/lead guitar team up nicely on these two tracks. The Ocean trilogy, which is divided into 3 tracks on this album, is one of my favorite displays of music I’ve heard in the last couple years. A story is definitely being told and Andres does a fantastic job bringing the listener into the tale. In a way, I felt like I had been on the high seas myself after this wonderfully, creative track. Finally, the album closes out with Sign Of Ruin and Regenesis.

Regenesis just made me sit back and smile. With just acoustic guitar to open the track that soon emerges into violin and bass, it was an incredible close to a wonderful album. Entities was a pleasure to listen to. The thrill and emotion displayed was a feast for the ears. I give Pomegranate Tiger kudos for delivering an outstanding performance on Entities. The production was second to none as well. I would definitely recommend this album to any fan of prog metal, power metal, instrumental rock, or anyone just looking for some new music to jam to. These guys deliver the goods!


Written by Steve

Ratings    Steve    8/10

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