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Inner Siege – Kingdom of Shadows Review


Released by: Roxx Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Vox : Jeremy Ray

Axe : Kevin Grose

Axe : J.L. Prater

Drums : Wade Helm

Bass : Ravn



01. Warrior

02. Fight On

03. Dragon Rider

04. Children of Winter

05. Control

06. Abuser

07. Excuses

08. Free

09. What Kind of Love


The American answer to European Power Metal is what the info sheet tells us, but thankfully INNER SIEGE from the old town of Peoria, Illinois, USA is much better and far more interesting than the rather standard Euro Metal scene. In fact, they have a lead singer (JEREMY RAY), who is an incredible vocalist with a range that is very impressive and he is someone who easily beats any of the European Metal singers. Surely Sweden and Italy are home to a lot of great lead singers, but when hearing the INNER SIEGE vocalist, it is clear that the American Metal singers are always one step ahead when it comes down to fulfill the complete package in delivering the best vocal performance.

Besides that picture perfect vocal delivery, the excellent instrumental performance of the 10 sensational songs included here, along with superb catchy hooks and infective melodic choruses, which will by the way should be saved to your memory forever after hearing them, the whole album is also blessed with a super tight production (production and mixing by DREAM EVIL’s Fredrik Nordstrom). There is only one conclusion possible here and that is the fact that INNER SIEGE may have delivered one of the strongest Metal releases of 2012 (please note that the album was released in December 2012).

There’s not a single weak spot to be found here and the only thing I need to say about the style of Metal is that it is definitely akin to Classic American Melodic Metal in the style of CRIMSON GLORY, QUEENSRYCHE, FIFTH ANGEL, SIRUS and such, including the high pitched vocals. Songs like “Warrior”, “Fight On”, “Dragon Rider” and “Children of Winter” are really terrific Melodic Metal songs that easily reach the high level of aforementioned bands. It is quite incredible that this band has not been praised in Europe yet, because who knows they might become the next ICED EARTH to conquer Europe in the near future.


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    9/10

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