Exclusive Interview with Robb Reiner (Drums) (Anvil)

The success of the Anvil movie brought the bands story to the world stage. As a result of that, the band has been able to perform in front of...

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Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


Myglobalmind: Hows the recording of the new album going, any tracks finalized? When can we expect a release date for that?

Robb: Hope In Hell has been recorded, and it’s waiting for it’s release in May 2013.

Myglobalmind: How has Sal integrated into the lineup?

Robb: Sal’s fitting in well and has brought lots of thunder to the bands sound.

Myglobalmind: Did you come from a musical family?/ How did that interest in drums develop? Any amusing-interesting stories of those days with your first bands?

Robb: I was 10 years old and I saw an I love Lucy episode and I saw little Ricky getting into drums, and I said to myself I want to do that too.

Myglobalmind: Your son Tyler has also taken up playing drums with his own band, in addition to helping Anvil out. How much was that your influence in pursuing that musical direction, or was it solely his personal choice,to go down that route?


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Robb: Tyler growing up in the musical environment and having a famous father did not help discouraging him from doing music so he ended up becoming a drummer, and he’s a great drummer.

Myglobalmind: Robb Reiner is widely regarded as an innovator in drumming technique-but how do you view such praise?

Robb: Yes, I’ve been hearing this my whole life and it’s great that one can be an inspiration to so many.

Myglobalmind: As a huge fan from your early releases “Hard n Heavy”,”Forged In Fire” and “Metal on metal” in the 80’s I have a particular fondness for that lineup. Are you still personally in touch with Dave Allison,and Ian Dickson? In the current trend of band reunions,and reformations is that something that you and Lips have ever considered?? Especially when financially times were difficult for the band, and you having to take other jobs etc..?

Robb: In recent years we have been throwing the notion around of doing a world tour and calling it the 1,2,3 tour. Which really means that we would only play songs from the first 3 records and having said that, there has been discussion of doing it with the original guys but at this moment, it’s unknown and un-determined if they are physically in the condition to weather the life of rock n’ roll for a tour. Regardless of their involvement, we still plan on doing this tour.

Myglobalmind: In retrospect how do you view the Anvil documentary film. Do you feel it helped with a resurgence in the band, or alternatively largely overshadowed your extensive musical legacy?

Robb: The success of the Anvil movie brought the bands story to the world stage. As a result of that, the band has been able to perform in front of tens of thousands of fans over the past 4 years, not-withstanding the reality that all the band’s back catalog has been re-released and all the fans new and old are re-discovering and discovering the majesty of Anvils music.

Myglobalmind: From that movie its apparent that both the band, and you and Lips personally have encountered very difficult times. What gives you inner strength and determination to persevere. Was that strength of character passed onto you by your parents?In a more positive era for Anvil what motivates and inspires you today?

Robb: The single motivation for keeping a career going is that we have a fan base that loves what we do, hence, we love it even more. Creating and writing songs, and recording is a passion to live for.


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Myglobalmind: Over your extensive musical back catalogue what are the personal highs and lows for you?

Robb: The personal highs are having made Fifteen killer albums with killer tracks that inspired, innovated, pioneered and created a whole genre that still lives on to this day. The lows are that the corporate world missed the boat all along.

Myglobalmind: How do you justify Anvil’s place in the current digital age of technology?  Has the modern changes in the industry been a benefit or hindrance to bands with a longevity?

Robb: We all miss recording on 2 inch tape, but who cares, we now all have pro tools. Pro tools gives the artist endless creative manipulative processes that the past never had. Is it better or worse? It can make it easier for anybody. I guess we can all thank the digital age for killing the sale of music. ie. Digital Downloads.

Myglobalmind: What is the most difficult decision you

have had to make professionally since starting Anvil?

Robb: The decision of my life has been only of one. To keep playing drums until my soul weakens and does not want me to be connected with pounding.

Myglobalmind: How would you describe your relationship with Lips?

Robb: We have a business relationship, and we create awesome music together and we smoke dope, and he’s my brother.

Myglobalmind: If you could go back and change anything what would it be? What advice would you give to a young Robb Reiner?

Robb: The advice i would give to a young robb is – it’s not how good of a musician you are or how great the musicians


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in a band might be, it’s about how great the decisions are.

Myglobalmind: Have you any hobbies,and interests outside music or is it all encompassing in your life?

Robb: As you don’t know, but many in the world do, I am a painter. I love to paint when I’m not touring, and that’s what I do – Come and visit me at https://www.facebook.com/RobbReinerPaintings

Myglobalmind: What are your musical influences when you started playing? Do you listen to any bands currently, if so who are you currently listening to?

Robb: As I recall, I come from the old school of drumming – that being Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, Don Brewer, Etc. Etc. My music playlist that I listen to is an assortment of the greatest psychedelic rock, heavy rock, music from the ‘60’s-‘70’s.


Photo Credit @ Anvil Official Facebook

Myglobalmind: You have done many interviews since you started playing music.If you had the opportunity to sit down and interview 2 personal heroes-1 musical and the other outside music.Who would they be,why would you particularly choose them, and what would you ask them?

Robb: Gene Simmons .. I would ask him WHY? I would pick Gene cause I think he’s my lost brother.

I’d like to interview Vincent Van Gogh. I would ask him – Explain his term of loneliness. I choose Vincent Van Gogh because he had a weakness of the paint tube.

Myglobalmind: Whats the 1 song that you would like to be remembered for as your musical legacy?

Robb: Just 1 Swing Thing.

Myglobalmind: If the world was about to end, and you could pick the soundtrack to Armageddon with 1 song what would that be???

Robb: Track #10 – on Hope In Hell.



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