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Geminy – The Prophecy Review


Released by: Nadir Music

Released Date: Out Now!!!

Genre” Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Francesco Filippone – Vocals

Marco Manzani – Guitar-

Ivano Lavezzini -Keyboard

Alessio Pucciano – Guitar

Francesco Molinelli – Bass

Maurizio De Palo- Drums



1. Into the Prophecy

2. Nordic Sea

3. Running Away

4. Escape

5. Trinity Necklace

6. Drowning

7. Abyss

8. Empty Streets

9. Mind Control

10. Captured

11. My Fellow Prisoner

12. Through the Spirits

13. Temple of Heroes

14. Evil Eye

15. The Profecy


Geminy is an Italian band which was founded 7 years ago. After the recording of two demos they finally released their first full-length disc “The Prophecy” on Nadir Music label. They perform Melodic Progressive Metal with strong Symphonic and Power Metal elements and influences of Dream Theater. On the other hand the music could be easily recognizable as Italian Metal and reminds me of Empty Tremor and Genius or less driven version of Labyrinth, Vision Divine and Shadows of Steel.

“The Prophecy” is a concept album. The varied and interesting work with fine arrangements, blistering guitar solos, bright but complex melodies and some occasional atmospheric acoustic breaks. Each musician has done a great job here, all instruments do not play the same theme together, guitars are wonderful, bass guitar is technical and complex and even plays lead parts time to time. Synths are used almost every time and they are also very interesting and skillful; Vocalist Francesco Filippone has a good voice though it seems to be a bit typical for such kind of music. Growl backs are used in some tracks and well-known singer Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) shared lead vocal on “The Fellow Prisoner”.

I like that most tracks after calm intros become more powerful and dynamic. “The Nordic Sea” and “Escape” are good numbers but not so impressive. “Triple Necklace” is more variable and progressive. However the second part of the album are better than the first. “Empty Streets”, “Mind Control”, “The Fellow Prisoner”, “Temple of Heroes” and especially thrashy killer “Evil Eye” are excellent songs with beautiful up-tempo outbreaks and really aggressive riffs. The slow “The Abyss” has a nice piano theme with catchy guitars at the end. Epic final track is distinguished by the use of original oriental melody.

The album was mixed and produced by Tommy Talamanca from Sadist and he also performs back vocals on “Evil Eyes”. The sound is good, rich and dimensional.

“The Prophecy” is a decent work, all musicians are really talented. There are no failed tracks at all though several songs have some boring moments and I would like to hear more driven material next time. Nevertheless it is strongly recommended for fans of traditional Progressive Metal.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    8/10

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