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Pinnick Gales Pridgen – Pinnick Gales Pridgen Review


Released by: Magna Carta Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Blues Rock



Line Up:

dUg Pinnick – Bass and Vocals (King’s X)

Eric Gales – Guitar and Vocals (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill)

Thomas Pridgen – Drums (ex Mars Volta)



1. Collateral Damage

2. Angels And Aliens

3. For Jasmine

4. Hang On, Big Brother

5. Wishing Well

6. Hate Crime

7. Lascivious

8. Black Jeans

9. Sunshine Of Your Love

10. Been So High (The Only Place To Go Is Down)

11. Me And You

12. The Greatest Love

13. Frightening


With King’s X apparently on hiatus uberbassist Dug Pinnick is apparently involved in several upcoming collaborations.  The first of these is a power trio with blues-rocker Eric gales and former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen that just released, and has been all I’ve listened to the rest of the week!

The emphasis of this power trio is definitely power.  There’s a raw vibe to the whole work, heavier than either the EGB or King’s X have been doing lately.  While the blues are the thread thru it all the diversity from song to song keeps your attention, be it funk (The Greatest Love),  R&B (“Hang On Big Brother,” with hooks you’ll never get out of your head),  straight-up hard rock (“Lascivious”),  or a slow-burning ballad (Frightening,” the album closer).

For three musicians of somewhat disparate backgrounds, you’d think they’d been playing together for years.  Pridgen goes between keeping a solid groove and channeling Keith Moon (especially in “Been So High…”), and Dug and Eric’s vocal and instrumental styles complement each other immensely.  Best example of this is their cover of “Sunshine of Your Love,” which gives all three a chance to really kick out the jams.

As much as the musicianship, I’m really impressed with the production work of Mike Varney.  Virtually the house producer for Shrapnel Records in the late 80s/90s, his handiwork is all over favorites of mine from Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman and more.  But many of these productions lacked a bottom end or were a bit harsh on the hi-end.  Here, everything sounds very organic, especially Gales’ guitar sound in the fuzz-washed solo “For Jasmine.”

This is a rare album that has something for fans of multiple genres, or anyone just looking for a great solid groove.  Here’s hoping there’s more to come!


Written by Anton

Ratings    Anton    10/10

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