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Lovebite – Lock ‘N’ Load Review

lovebite lock n load cover

Released By:Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!

Genre: Sleaze/Glam Metal



Line Up:

Jonny Sparks – Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tryx- Lead Guitar and Backing Vocal
KC Valentine – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocal
Mike Toye – Drums



1. No Turning Back
2. Sin City
3. Breakin’ The Rules
4. Love/Hate
5. Hey Baby
6. Gonna Love You Anyway
7. Lock ‘N’ Load
8. Queen Of Hearts
9. Can’t Fight Your Love
10. Striptease
11. Mr. Lonely
12. Too Much Is Never Enough


After its near extinction in the early 1990’s, the sub-genre known as glam, sleaze, hair, or pop metal has had a strong resurgence back into the mainstream for fans who may have missed the revolution the first time around. The push came from the expanding list of Swedish bands like Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx, and the flamboyant Crashdiet. They embrace the scene found back on the Sunset Strip in the early 1980’s. Now Birmingham has a chip to throw into the mix with the debut album “Lock  ‘N’ Load” by newcomers Lovebite.

All the expected trappings are in full display. They give you the full visual appeal with the hair and tattoos. The sound is loud and delivered with attitude and a gutter grittiness.

After the intro the album rips into “Sin City”. It’s a pile driver that hits hard and leaves no doubt what Lovebite is about to deliver through the twelve tracks. Vocally Jonny Sparks provides the perfect mouthpiece with his high pitch and shrills. His style and approach play off the bombastic guitars that give the album it’s power. The lead guitar player, known as Tryx, has honed his craft well.  Muscular and scorching riffs run rampant throughout.  A band is only as good as its rhythm section and KC Valentine (bass) and Mikey Toye (drums) lay down a solid foundation.

There is no shortage of up-tempo fist pumping bangers on this release. Besides the opener, the rocking “Breakin’ The Rules”, “Love/Hate”, “Lock ‘N’ Load”, Mr. Lonely”, and the closer “Too Much Is Never Enough” all provide the fuel for this high-octane output. Two songs jump ahead of the pack for me on this album. The power ballad “Hey Baby” has the biggest hook on the album.. The acoustic guitar flows into the big power laden chorus. The other is “Can’t Fight Your Love”. It’s dark and moody intro gives way into a commercially honed melody and a catchy chorus. The grove is contagious and the lead riff throughout the song adds another layer of sonic bliss.

“Lock ‘N’ Load” is a fun and addictive ride. The songs are well constructed and delivered with attitude and conviction. There are plenty of memorable hooks and choruses intertwined with driving verses and slamming guitars. If you are a glam/sleaze fan this album won’t disappoint. Lovebite has all the ingredients to become a big name in a scene that’s quickly trending upwards.


Written By Jeff Kunze

Ratings   Jeff    8/10


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