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Amaze Knight – The Key Review


Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Fabrizio Aseglio: Vocals

Christian Dimasi: Guitars / Vocals

Matteo Cerantola: Bass

Michele Scotti: Drums

Session Member: Max Tempia: Keyboards



1. Imprisoned (Shadow’s Past)

2. Restless Soul

3. heartless

4. Liberation (A New Day)

a/ Overture

b/ The Reflection

c/ A New Day


Italian band Amaze Knight was formed in November 2010, in Turin, by Christian Dimasi (guitarist) and Michele Scotti (drummer). Then Fabrizio Aseglio (vocals) and Matteo Cerantola (bass player) joined the band. With the help of experienced keyboardist Max Tempia they finally recorded their first self-released album ‘The Key’.

Amaze Knight plays technical and complex Progressive Metal/Rock with influences of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Yes, Shadow Gallery and others. It is really amazing music, constant change of melodies, varied structures, aggressive heavy moments followed by atmospheric psychedelic parts and changed by jazz-fusion improvisations or some symphonic prog things . The real kaleidoscope of interesting musical ideas is perfectly performed here. I absolutely enjoy everything that they do, it is a real pleasure to listen to this album, every time I find new nuances and re-discover each song.

I always try to compare music with something that I heard to get a better presentation of it to potential listeners. Listening Amazing Knight there are many bands come to mind but I am sure it is really great to be compared with Dream Theater, Pink Floyd or Yes. And even more exciting if it is played with the same quality. Hopefully Amaze Knight is not just another pale copy of those legendary artists.

There are only 5 tracks but they are quite long (as should be in Progressive). “Imprisoned (Shadow’s Past)” is a wonderful song, heavy and diverse with excellent keyboards in Rick Wakeman and Erik Norlander tradition. Dream Theater influences are very noticeable here, with unpredictable rhythm and tempo changes. Restless Soul is another mind-blowing track. Some parallels could be found with Liquid Tension Experiment as the track becomes more psychedelic and Pink Floydish at the end. However Floyd elements dominate yet again in “The Heartless” which is a very atmospheric track, slow and beautiful, guitar solos are mere stupendous here. Usually I don’t like such kind of music but “Heartless” is an exception to the rule.

The fourth track demonstrates the change in mood again. “Reflection” is a very melodic and dynamic song which I could compare with Shadow Gallery with the same catchy keyboards and some Dream Theater intonations by the end. The last song “Liberation – A New Day” begins with 2.5 minute intensive Chopin-like piano improvisation which reminds me works of keyboard wizard Vitalij Kuprij. Max Tempia proves to be a real virtuoso. Then the song turns into a nice ballad in the middle and at the end Christian Dimasi demonstrates ultra-technical guitar soloing which resembles John Petrucci’s shredding.

Not only guitarist and keyboardist, each band member is very talented, technical and shows phenomenal skills playing his instrument. Bassist and drummer also performed the best here. A singer Fabrizio Aseglio has a good voice and is an obvious follower of James LaBrie and Fabio Lione. The sound engineer and producer Roberto Maccagno could perfectly put together all instruments and vocals and create an excellent sound.

Any flaws to this record are very hard to point out, because everything is perfect. Perhaps a bit more originality is needed or more up-tempo parts (because I personally like fast music). So it could be considered as almost flawless work. “The Key” is fantastic awesome album. It is extraordinary when some unknown young musicians show such very high level on their debut CD. Definitely it is one of the best debut works I’ve ever heard.

All fans of Progressive… yeah, you know what I mean!


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    10/10


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