Exclusive Interview with Alex Beyrodt (Guitars) (Voodoo Circle, Primal Fear, Silent Force)

After playing with Paul Rodgers, and Ian Gillan how can I top that? Whats next,Jimmy Page, I don't know. If I can dream, would love to play a show, sharing a...

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Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


Good afternoon Alex, thanks for taking the time to talk to Myglobalmind

web zine this afternoon.greatly appreciated as I understand that you

are currently out on tour?


Alex”Yeah,I am touring right now with “Rock meets Classic”Playing

guitar for Paul Rodgers and Chris Thompson, Bonnie Tyler, Eric

Bazilian,and Steve Augeri from Journey. Its really cool to share a

stage with these artists.”


There’s a common belief that musicians often find it difficult to

identify what country they are in when they wake up each day.This must

be particularly difficult for yourself when you are playing with

several different bands.?



Alex”Actually as a professional musician you have to be able to

deliver whatever you need to,and for me that isn’t a problem. With

Primal Fear, I wear that hat, same with Voodoo Circle I wear the Voodoo

Circle hat. The same with “Rock meets classic”,that’s not a problem for

me at all”


What does Voodoo Circle provide and give to you personally that your

other bands don’t?


Alex”Voodoo Circle is 100% my baby,100% my music. I am the main

songwriter,of course I also write songs with David. He is responsible

for most of the melodies,and the lyrics. Matt is also involved in the

songwriting,but basically I am the main songwriter in the band. I

started Voodoo Circle because I wanted to have my own baby,and be

responsible for everything. Of course it is classic rock,its not metal

and its more melodic. Basically its the music where I come from,my

roots. When I started playing guitar I was listening to

Hendrix,Purple,Rainbow,Whitesnake and Pink Floyd,all that stuff. I grew

up with this kind of music,that’s the main difference. It is really

easy for me to write Voodoo Circle songs,its kind of in my blood.”

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Do you view the label super group as a compliment to the musicians or

a negative term?


Alex”I don’t look at ourselves as a super group, that is something

else. I mean come on. We are musicians,professionals, of course everybody

is talented, and knows their skills. Good song writing, good

productions. Super group though is like Bono with Eric Clapton and Jeff

Beck..That is a super group!”


I was thinking more of the fact that your fellow Voodoo Circle band

mates are known from having played in other internationally renowned

bands..and have come together.


Alex”Yes that’s true, and is actually good as a professional musician

you need to work much harder than ever before these days. Of course we

all have our different bands and projects, and that is totally OK. The

term “super group”though as I said that’s not true or something that I

can identify with”


With your involvement in so many musical projects,how do you maintain

a healthy professional-personal life balance?


Alex” Well let me say that my private life,is limited in terms of time

for other stuff outside music.Of course though I do find time to do

private stuff,but I do have a lot of work to do.Voodoo Circle,Primal

Fear,Sinner,Rock meets classic ,Silent force .I have also just

recorded another album with someone else.It takes up a lot of

time,but its always a challenge,and is also a lot of fun too.I’m in a

lucky position to be able to make a living from being a professional

musician,and I love every minute of it”

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How does the latest Voodoo Circle release differ from the previous releases?


Alex”Musically “More than one way home”is harder,the song-writing is

harder,harder production. There are more guitars and they are more

right in your face.My song-writing also changed for this album,its

more bluesy. I also changed the guitar that I am using I am known for

playing the Stratocaster, for many many years. In fact it was actually

my first guitar. For this album i recorded, I think eleven out of

fourteen songs with a Les Paul, so it sounds different. Its a different

approach and I also play slightly differently on a Les Paul than I

play on a Stratocaster. That gives the whole album a different

colour,and I think that its a really nice colour(laughs). As I said I

grew up with Rainbow,Whitesnake and Purple. In Voodoo Circle I have the

freedom to show those roots. In many reviews of course we get compared

to those bands, but hey that’s what I want ,and that’s totally

OK. Without those bands I would never have started being a musician and

playing the guitar. I think that is a huge compliment if somebody says

that”it sounds like Deep Purple or Whitesnake for me they are still

the biggest and best bands in the world. ”


Looking back over your extensive musical legacy,are there any songs or

albums that you are particularly proud of?That stand out for you


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Alex”That’s a very tough question, every new release is like a new baby

and you love it so much. I’m still very proud of the previous album by

Voodoo Circle”Broken heart syndrome “The reviews for that album have

been amazing world-wide, we even hit the German national album

charts. That was a huge success and totally unexpected. Now next week it

looks like we will hit the German chart again with this album. Of

course that makes me really proud,because like I said I am the main

song writer,and responsible for the whole thing. Yes thats really

cool,but its also important to recognise the elements that the other

guys also bring to Voodoo Circle. They are really important for the

sound, and they all play really well. Markus Kullmann is an amazingly

good drummer, he plays like Jon Bonham meets Cozy Powell. David Readman

I mean come on, its probably his best vocal work ever. Mat Sinner on

bass, he also helped to co produce the album, and wrote songs for

it. Without those guys Voodoo Circle wouldn’t be successful., I have to

give them all my praise and credit. But to answer your question properly,

there are two songs which stick out personally to me. “Alissa” is a song I

dedicated to my girlfriend, she got me out of a dark place I was in for almost

4 years and brought back a smile into my face. And the other one is “Heart

Of Babylon”… I always wanted to write a song like that, with that Zep vibe

and finally I was able to do so.



If you could give one piece of advice to budding song writers what

would that be?


Alex”Don’t be afraid to go ahead and write. Don’t let people tell you

that this is the wrong direction to go in, or that you shouldn’t do it

like that. That’s also what I mean that there is more “than one way

home “There are always different roads to get to your goal,do it your

own way. That is also true for song writing,do it your way if that is

what feels right to you. Then that is right”


You have already touched on this a little earlier-do you feel that

Voodoo Circle have a musical style?


Alex”Its classic hard rock.”


Returning now, to discuss some of your musical heroes,have you ever met

any of them,and if so how was the experience?


Alex”I have been very lucky, as right now I am playing with Paul

Rodgers. Brian May actually said after he played “All right now”with

Paul Rodgers, now I can stop playing guitar, as I have done everything.I

now stand on a stage with him playing that song every night. Last year

and the year before, I toured with Ian Gillan for four months. Playing

“Highway Star”.”Smoke on the Water”,”When a blindman cries”, all that

stuff. For me as a Purple fan it was just amazing, and Ian Gillan was

full of compliments for me, for my guitar work, my stage behaviour. That

was just amazing for me. The year before I played with Glenn

Hughes, which was also incredible. When I first started playing guitar I

never thought that I would share a stage with Glenn Hughes, Ian Gillan

or Paul Rodgers. That is really, really cool for me. I have met so many

of my idols. I met Yngwie, when Primal Fear first started and we are not

friends but we know and respect each other. We had lunch once and we

just talked about guitars. I also know Doug Aldrich.Y eah I think that I

am in a good place right now”

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Voodoo Circle are not now touring until May,is it difficult to

organise a tour with the band members other commitments?


Alex”That’s not too difficult to set up.We are touring in May a

double-headliner with Shakra.Voodoo Circle,Sinner and Primal Fear have

the same booking agent which makes good sense.”


What about touring plans for Europe and the UK?as that style of rock

that Voodoo Circle play, has its roots in the UK.


Alex”We have some offers for dates there, with two festivals, and we are

currently in negotiation for that at the moment. I really hope that we

can make it because I would love to play the UK with Voodoo Circle, I

think that is where the band belong. I really hope that we can make it

and that the negotiations work out. Besides that we are going to play

two large festivals in Germany with a great

lineup. Whitesnake, Journey, Toto, Thin Lizzy, Europe and Voodoo

Circle. That’s an amazing lineup!.I was able to see Lizzy back with the

original lineup in late seventies, early eighties with Snowy White and

Scott Gorham.”


We discussed how music plays a major role in your life, but do you have

any outside interests or hobbies?


Alex”Well I do, I just bought a British bulldog, so that’s my new

hobby(laughs), and I used to play golf. Unfortunately I don’t have

enough time anymore, I’m not really that good but I enjoy it. I hope

some day to return to the course and play some golf.”


Voodoo Circle has its musical roots in the 70,s and 80,s but what are

your views on the changing face of music in the modern digital

age?Downloads,social media sites etc…?

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Alex”That changed the life of a musician very drastically. Nowadays you

have to play more live shows than ever before to make enough money

to make a living. Of course downloads and all that stuff, copying is a

huge problem, though I don’t see any solution for that. That will not

stop me from writing and producing albums because that is my

passion. Its what I love to do and what I do best. I really hope that in

the next couple of years that there will still be record companies

left and have budgets so that we are still able to record music. Its

going to be tough, now everybody can produce an album, everybody has a

computer..the market is full. Every month there are 60,70,80 new

releases from bands you have never heard of, and may never of

again. That is really tiring and really bad for the market, but you have

to live with that. I’m old school. I grew up with vinyl and love that

format. It has its value, it is sensitive and you have to take care of

it.Its totally different from mp3 sticks. Nowadays they grow up with

mp3,s and have no idea about things like song titles etc. In my day

you checked out the whole package,the sleeve notes etc”


Just a couple of questions to finish up on . Over your musical career

what have been the personal highs and lows for you?


Alex”My personal high would have to be sharing a stage with Ian Gillan

and play all the Deep Purple stuff that was definitely a big high.Also

to be able to play with Glenn Hughes,was something really special.The

downs probably when I tried to move to Los Angeles,I actually moved

there but I was stranded over there.I had no money,no job,nothing.I

had a very hard time.I had to borrow some money so I could buy a

ticket to fly home.I was young,trying something new,but those days are

gone.Now I am really happy.”


What about your personal heroes , not necessarily musicians who you

would actually sit down with you being the interviewer. Who would you

like to chat to, why, and what would you ask them?


Alex”There is a really famous writer from Brazil Paulo Coelho,he

wrote a book called “The Alchemist”I read that book and it really

changed my life completely.It changed how I looked at life and

things.I would really like to meet this guy and talk with him because

he is really responsible for pulling me out of a big black hole and

back into life again.That’s a really interesting person that I would

really like to meet.”


Finally what are your musical plans for the year,is that already

mapped out for you? Obviously the Voodoo Circle tour in May.



Alex”In April,we will record a new Sinner album re recordings of some

all-time Sinner classics.I play festivals then with Voodoo Circle,then

we will record the new Primal Fear album in the summer.Probably tour

with Primal Fear at the end of the year.Then look probably at

another”Rock meets Classic Tour”

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Is there anything musically that you would like to try, perhaps

experiment with a different musical style?



Alex”I would love to be able to play some jazz and fusion but

unfortunately I’m a rocker, and I cant do that”(laughs)


Finally as an artist do you feel that there is anything special left

for you to accomplish?


Alex”After playing with Paul Rodgers, and Ian Gillan how can I top

that? Whats next,Jimmy Page, I don’t know. If I can dream, would love to

play a show, sharing a stage with David Coverdale,and Glenn Hughes and

play old Deep Purple songs, like “Mistreated”and stuff. That would be

really cool”



Thanks for chatting today with me,and hopefully the UK will get to see

Voodoo Circle play some live shows…


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