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De La Cruz – Street Level Review


Released By: Frontiers Records

Release Date: March 22nd 2013 (March 26th for the U.S.)

Genre: Sleaze Rock/Glam Metal



Line Up:

Roxxi Catalano – Vocals

Casey Jones – Guitar

Rory Joy – Guitar

Grant Daniell – Bass

Lacey Lane – Drums



1. Street Level

2. Girls Go Wild

3.Turn It Up

4. Legions Of Love

5. Gimme Love

6. Cherry Bomb

7. Dreaming

8. Invincible

9. Worlds Collide

10. S.E.X.

11. Set The Night

12. Shine


Still hooked on that Sunset Strip sound of yesteryear? Then I’ve got good news for you, maggots! Modern day glam entrepreneurs DE LA CRUZ have been kickin’ along Australia’s Gold Coast for quite some time now: their 2011 EP was a favorite that topped many a hard rock and sleaze metal fan’s AOTY lists, and hype and tension have been building like crazy since they signed with Frontiers to get their debut under way. With a great lineup in tow, coupled with the razorwire pipes of New Zealand hailee ROXXI CATALANO, does the entertainingly titled Street Level live up to our headbanging expectations?

Needless to say, the answer is a resounding HELL YES! Easily one of the best sleaze records to hit digital and physical shelves since 2012’s monstrous set of albums by BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART, CRAZY LIXX and THE DARKNESS, Street Level is layered gut-walloper to be sure: it would have stood proudly in peerage to records such as Dr. Feelgood (MOTLEY CRUE) and Appetite For Destruction (GUNS N’ ROSES) just fine back in 1989.

So what constitutes arena-shattering greatness here? More like…what doesn’t? The opening title track takes any pathetic, pedestrian preconceptions you might have had and proceeds to detonate them into smithereens with a heavy dose of overdubbed balls-to-the-wall anthemics, some TNT guitar, and a mix so pristine that your ears will be salivating for more! But that’s not all: we also get plenty of fun, edgy and superlative AOR in the form of ‘Legions Of Love’ and the absolutely massive ‘Worlds Collide’….which also happens to be my favorite cut here (it features a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on DEF LEPPARD’s Euphoria back in ’99!!)

It honestly feels like forever since I’ve heard a glam metal record with as much straightforward, awe-inspiring power as the previously mentioned Euphoria over a decade ago, but then here comes DE LA CRUZ with an album like Street Level to remind guys like you and me just how lucky we are to be alive in 2013.: it’s an absolute, goddamn thrill from start to finish.

Therefore, if you ever wanted a good metal record to jam at your next big party without scaring away every single woman within half a mile…your next purchase order should be pretty obvious at this point. THE SLEAZE LIVES ON!!!!


Written by Derek

Ratings    Derek    8/10

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