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The Fuzz Drivers – The Fuzz Drivers Review


Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock





Line Up:

Marcelo: vocals

Sergio: guitars

João: bass

Duarte: drums



1.Discordia song


3.Eats Me Up

4.Carved Time

5.Mama Told You

6.Into The Sun

7.The Poet And The Thief

8.Until It Bleeds

9.White Lies


Music from the heart, that’s certainly the case for this portugese rockband The Fuzz Drivers. Their recently released self titled debut is a true classic rock hallelujah, with a retro-sound spanning three decades of classic (hard)rock.

Marcelo (vocals), Sergio (guitar), João (bass) and Duarte (drums) deliver in 40 minutes, the classic playing time of an LP, an absolute enjoyable, bluesy and soulfull album. Lyrically it’s for a change not about the obvious sex and drugs related subjects but according the band the songs all have ‘meaningfull lyrics’.

With a DIY attitude the band recorded, mixed and produced all the material by themselves in their own home studio. Thanks to the internet they prove once again that a new band doesn’t always need a record company or label to spread their music. But I do hope that these guys will soon be signed to a label because they deserve it. It would be awesome to release this kind of material on vinyl !

Singer Marcelo has a voice very similar to Lenny Wolf (Kingdome Come), where the rest of the band unmistakebly lay down a Led Zeppelin groove with solid rhythms and catchy rockriffs on the guitar. Just listen to the opening drums on ‘Shine’ and the band easily steps into the Led Zeppelin IV atmosphere. Other influences in this well oiled rock machinery are southern rockbands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Black Crowes. Even fans from Guns N’ Roses will find this one very attractive for sure.

To pick out highlights is difficult as it is very strong and coherent material. Anyway, for me the opening track ‘Discordia Song’ is an immediate classic song where the four portugese guys showcase their skills with pounding rhythms and awesome vocals. Further I would mention the bluesy ‘Mama Told You’ which has a steady beat and catchy melody, and the beautiful ‘Into The Sun’ where you even can notice a short keyboard solo very reminiscent to The Doors.

Check them out at bandcamp where the album can be streamed completely (and where you can buy digital files as well).


Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    9/10


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