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Voodoo Highway – The Showdown Review


Released by: Dust On The Tracks

Release Date: April 26th, 2013

Genre: Classic Hard Rock



Line Up:

MATTEO BIZZARRI – Guitars & guitars smashing




ALESSANDRO DUO’ – Organ & piano



1.This Is Rock’n Roll Wankers !

2.Fly To The Rising Sun

3.Midnight Hour

4.Could You Love Me


6.Church Of Clay

7.Mountain High

8.Col White Love

9.A Spark From The Sacred Fire

10.Prince Of Moonlight

11.Till It Bleeds

12.Broken Uncles Inn


A HOT FIST OF ROCK N’ ROLL STRAIGHT UP INTO YOUR ASS, that’s how this italian band describes themselves on their facebook bio. Well, I can agree with them completely.

With their sophomore album “Showdown” this outfit from Ferrara, Italy play their cards out: traditional, classic hard rock with an ultra high fun factor. But these guys are ambitious as well: take a look at the cover art. Just the fact that they managed to get the legendary Storm Thorgerson (Floyd, Zep, Sabbath and many more) on board is already an act of taking the business serious! You might even interpret the cover as the upcoming act of success: a giant, hairy ball on the edge of a cliff, just waiting to be tipped over and destroy everything on its path ?

Their 2011 debut album ‘Broken Uncles Inn’ already got enthousiastic reviews, with a super compliment by Craig Gruber (former bass player for Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore) calling the band ‘The new movement of heavy metal…’ and ‘This band is the next Deep Purple!”. Well, let’s not proceed too quickly here but have a more detailed view on this 2nd album.

No holds barred with the title of the first track ‘This Is Rock’n Roll Wankers !’ The message of the Italian quintet is clear ! It’s a lovely, high energy, ode to (heavy) rock’n roll.

And the listener is heated up immediately for another 43 minute of divine classic hard rock staples. Uptempo music, the ideal soundtrack for long, lonely car drives where you can shout a long with the tracks without bothering anyone. But where other bands in this genre quickly take the path of musical clichés Voodoo Highway distinguishes themselves with some nice surprises in the intro’s and outro’s of songs (seagulls and other birds, cars, spoken words etc.). Further they’ve created some intelligent arrangements here and there and the level of musicianship is top notch: crazy guitars, an anchored rhythm section and a leading role for the keys !

Allessandro Duo’s work here is absolutely a tribute to the late Jon Lord. Finally vocalist Federico di Marco is blessed with an excellent, in your face, voice and has the right attitude for this kind of music.

You won’t find any weak spots on this album as every track is a highlight, from the straight forwarded rock’n roll of the opener, to the Deep Purple-pastiche ‘Till It Bleeds’ (this one could have fitted seamlessly on an 70’s Deep Purple album) and the refined blend of Uriah Heep and Led Zeppelin in the closer ‘Broken Uncles Inn’ (with a nice psychedelic organ and some impressive orchestration).

If you looking for some proper hard rock music with catchy melodies, than look no further. Voodoo Highway have released indeed a perfect ‘Showdown’ and with this inspired offering they certainly are aiming for the top. Now I would love to see these guys live !



Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    9/10

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