Devin Townsend Project at The Academy Dublin, Ireland May 4th, 2013

Devin Townsend Project at The Academy Dublin, Ireland May 4th, 2013...


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On September 18, 2012 in North America, (September 24th Europe), HevyDevy Records and InsideOut Music released Epicloud, the monumental fifteenth studio album from visionary singer/guitarist/producer Devin Townsend. From the infectious anthem “More!”, to the cabaret-worthy “Lucky Animals” or the rhythmic electronica of “Save Our Now” all the way to the meditative “Divine,” Epicloud draws on a wide range of influences to create an album that celebrates optimism in humanity, WHILST simultaneously remaining absolutely crushing. A wide variety of textures and moods makes Epicloud a very fitting follow-up to the emotionally varied prior Devin Townsend Project albums.

So often, we as listeners ARE confronted with music and artists that base their expression on focusing on life’s hardships, but as Epicloud was being written, there was a deliberate intention to avoid that type of theme. To make music that has power based on mood and rhythm, but not on seeking sympathy as a way to engage the audience. Epicloud chooses to view the glass as half full. Indeed, the sentiment – “THE TIME HAS COME TO FORGET ALL THE BULLS**T AND ROCK!” — is expressed in the larger-than-life chorus of “Liberation,” a joyous rock saga that in some ways could be viewed as Epicloud’s mission statement: “I wanted to provide music that people could sing along with… can participate in and put aside the bullshit definitions that hold us back as musicians and artists. I think Epicloud is about that. Regardless of what we’re dealt, it’s our reactions to things that define us. This album is exactly what I wanted to do, and serves as a musical reprieve between the nature of the last four records, and my ultimate goal of writing epic symphonies and musicals.”

If the prior four Devin Townsend Project albums carried a common theme of ‘working to overcome creative hang-ups’, then it’s fair to view Epicloud as ‘having overcome them.’

Excerpt taken from Devin Townsend Project Offiical FB


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