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Memory of a Melody – Things That Make You Scream Review

memory of a melody_cover

Released By: Interscope Digital Distribution

Release Date: September 26, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal




Mario Galdos: Vocals

Wade Sigue: Lead Guitar

Roel Castello: Rhythm Guitar

Joel Martinez: Bass

Robin Lopez: Drums



1 Mask

2 Till Death

3 Things That Make You Scream

4 Pieces

5 Intersections

6 Break Away

7 Skin Deep

8 Darkest Hour

9 Reach

10 Ultraviolence

11 The Core

12 Truth In Lies


Things That Make You Scream is the full-length debut from Texas-based metal band, “Memory of a Melody”. While I enjoyed the record, I will also add that this is one of the most accessible metal records I have heard in a long time. The best way to describe the band’s sound is somewhere in the middle ground between the mainstream and underground metal, if you can imagine that. While the band definitely has an undeniable metal sound, and a good one at that, they also (as their name would suggest) focus on having big, catchy, melodic choruses with giant hooks.

If you are into current mainstream bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, or maybe even Stone Sour, then Memory of a Melody is something you can definitely get into. The band describes themselves the best on their facebook page as “metal with mass appeal” and given the diversity within the twelve tracks, it is the perfect statement. From thrash influences to metalcore, even a few tracks that would fit on modern rock radio. A few of the standouts on the record include the opener, the bitter, metalcore flavored “Mask”, the anguished “Till Death Do Us Part” the title track and their almost-but-not-really ballad, “Skin Deep”. There aren’t really any tracks that were bad, or bland though, these are just the tunes I felt stood out the most in a filler-free record.

What is good about Memory of a Melody is they are a pop-metal band, without the pop sound. They share a few elements with some pop, such as the emphasis on catchy, hook laden choruses, but they apply these principles to their sound, rather than allow the pop to impact their sound itself. So rest assured, while the record has its tender jams, such as the heartfelt “Skin Deep” they do not go the pop route of watering the record down with big ballads and cheesy love songs. Instead, you have an infectious record that stands head and shoulders above most mainstream oriented hard rock and metal records out there.



Written by Connor

Ratings    Connor    9/10

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