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Soul of Steel – Journey to Infinity Review

Soul of Steel – Journey to Infinity Review cover

Released by: Bakerteam Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal, Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Gianni Valente – Vocals

Lorenzo Chiafele – Drums

Daniele Simeone – Keyboards

Nicola Caroli – Guitars

Valerio De Rosa – Guitars

Domenico Santagada – Bass



Aeternum Tormentum

Through The Gates Of Heaven

Shadows Of The Past


Waiting For

The Fallen Angel

Journey To Infinity

Like A Memory

Secret Words

Portrait Of My Last Dream

Last Desire

Eternal Life

Last Desire (Acoustic Version feat. Roberto Tiranti)


Soul of Steel is an Italian Metal band. Their first album “Destiny” was released in 2011 and it had many critical acclaims. Now Soul of Steel has signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of their new album “Journey to Infinity” that will be released 30th of April.

The band plays Melodic Power Metal with strong Progressive elements and Symphonic influences. It slightly reminds me Labyrinth, Vision Divine and Nocturnal Rites but has its own sound.

The voice of Gianni Valente is clean and high. I could not understand why it is widely criticized through the Internet because his vocal is nice, original, deep and charismatic which fits well to the music. Other musicians have done a solid performance as well.

The album starts with a calm symphonic intro but the next song “Through the Gates of Heaven” really impresses me, it is melodic track with fast bombastic Power and nice Progressive parts, I could highlight interesting guitar and synth parts. The follower “Shadows of the Past” is more aggressive and heavy track with catchy choruses and beautiful melodic breaks and possibly the best number here. The next title “Neverland” slows down, it’s a nice atmospheric song with faster outbreaks. “Waiting for you” and “Secret Words” both are very good Progressive Power Metal again, I like them, too. There are many ballads: “The Fallen Angel” (which includes also female vocals), “Like a Memory” and “Last Desire”, they are not bad but a bit standard to me. Acoustic shortened version of “Last Desire” features very special guest appearances by Roberto Tiranti (lead singer of Labyrinth). So we have four ballads and it is too much to my mind and it is the main flaw of the album.

The mid-tempo tracks “Journey to Infinity” and “Portrait of My Last Dream” are also good though the final epic “Eternal Life” is even better and includes wonderful keyboard solo by another special guest Alessio Lucatti (from Vision Divine).

The new album is significantly better than the debut. The band had taken into account all critics and recorded a very good album. The production is cleaner and much more professional now, the sound is more powerful and the music becomes more interesting, progressive, complicated and variable. Not all material is perfect here, but some tracks are really great and in general “Journey to Infinity” is a decent work and it could be recommended to Melodic Power Progressive Metal fans.


Written by Egor

Ratings    Egor    8/10


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