Interview with Ice Dale (Guitars) (Audrey Horne) and Audrey Horne at Limelight 2, Belfast – April 29th 2013

Maybe Paul Stanley as I've always been a huge Kiss fan. They made me want to do what I do become a musician and play in a band. Now...


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 Interviewed by Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine


Interview with Ice Dale (Guitars) (Audrey Horne) by Myglobalmind Webzine on Mixcloud

Official Transcript

Afternoon and thanks for taking the time to chat to Myglobalmind this afternoon in Belfast.

The band come from the town of Bergen in Norway, generally renowned for its black metal bands. How did you therefore find your musical influences and style?

Ice”Yes its definitely not black metal, that is the point behind the band. We were a bunch of friends,hanging out in the same bar and talked about music. I know that we had a lot of common influences in the music we liked and listened to. Myself and some of the other guys,were involved in some extreme metal bands. There were no bands that played this kind of music any more, so we just started to jam together.”

What albums give you your inspiration for your sound, or maybe it was some gigs that you attended?

Ice”The influences were all the old bands,a lot of British bands.I think that is more obvious now than on the first two albums. Then it was Faith no More, Soundgarden,Alice in Chains to a Perfect Circle kind of stuff. Now I think its more like you have said a lot of the British bands,Thin Lizzy Maiden bands like that.”

With your local scene being of a totally different musical genre,how did you manage to obtain gigs.was that particularly difficult for you at the beginning?

Ice”No ,it wasn’t really that hard. As I said we started the band,just for fun as we wanted to play that kind of music. In the beginning especially in our home town fans came because of our former bands. They were like”what the hell is this, this is not extreme metal “What is the point though of just starting another extreme metal band? There are enough of them already.”

Leading on from the question of influences.Have you ever had the opportunity of touring or playing a festival with any of your musical heroes?

Ice”Yes a lot of them really.We supported AC.DC in Norway in front of around forty five thousand people.That was crazy.”

Did you get the chance to meet them?

Ice”No we didn’t unfortunately as they flew in really late, their gig was delayed so we didn’t have a chance to meet them. We haven’t really met any other musical heroes because, generally they like to keep themselves private.It is often like that. When we mixed our first album myself and one of the other guys, was in LA and we met QOTSA,and some other dudes. We have played on festivals with people like KISS, Audioslave,Faith no More and people like that but never really met them”


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Understand that Audrey Horne have had a relatively short musical career. Anything you would have done differently or are you enjoying the path so far as it progresses?

Ice”Yes I think the process has been a natural involvement, I wouldn’t have done it any differently. I am proud of all the stuff we have done. Of course we could have done maybe the business side smarter and differently,but you learn from experience.”

How do you deal with criticism for example if you read a negative review?

Ice”Obviously you work a lot with the music, and put a lot of your hearts and souls into the albums. If people attack it in a bad way,and especially if you think that it is not fair, then its not good. Then again we make the music for ourselves and for our fans. We have generally been lucky and had good reviews mostly for all the albums.”

How do you feel about current changes in the music industry? The move away from major record companies and that there is now more of a onus on the bands to be self sufficient?

Ice”For us there hasn’t really been that much of a change since we have never been a band on a huge label.You can certainly feel it because they don’t want to take that many risks,these days its more about keeping good budgets.That side is tighter than it was before.We have always had creative freedom with the labels we have been with,and have included that in our contracts,we have the final word.”

Within the band what are your dreams and goals?

Ice”Just to keep on doing what we are , to get around and play”

Are the band already looking towards the follow up to “Young Blood”.Is the creative process ongoing even while touring?Or are the band still focusing on the promotion of the current release?

Ice Dale”We have had a break now from writing because we have written a lot of songs for the new album. We will restart when we get back home from this tour. Trying to avoid spending another three years before the next album comes out,that is too long.”

What inspires you?

Ice Dale”I don’t know,good music,movies….”

Do you keep in touch with current music scene in Norway when you go back home.?

Ice Dale”to be honest I would like to check out a few more new bands than I do.Since I play in several other bands and I have a studio back home that I also work in.It gets so much that I’m not able to go out and see new bands all the time.I don’t really have the time for any hobbies or interests outside music.When I am home I like to spend time with my girl friend,and family and relax.Eat some good food,watch some movies and stuff.”

Generally what are the best and worst things about being a musician?

Ice Dale”They are kind of the same.You go out on tour and play for your fans, a lot of new people and see different cities around the world.That’s the good thing.At the same time its also bad that you have to be away from family and friends,that can be hard at times.”

If you were in my shoes as the interviewer,and could pick someone to interview.Who would that be,why and what would you ask them?

Ice Dale”That’s a tough one. Maybe Paul Stanley as I’ve always been a huge Kiss fan. They made me want to do what I do become a musician and play in a band. Now that I understand more about the band and how it is put together. Gene Simmons as being the business man,and always in search of the marketing. I see Paul Stanley as more of being an honest guy, and about the music and integrity. It seems like he really has his heart in what he is doing. Modern Kiss with just the two original members just is not the same for me personally. It is like if you choose a football team and they bring in different players.”

Any advice for any kids starting out in music?

Ice Dale”Just believe in yourself,and what you do, practice an get better. I think these days its both easier and also more difficult for new bands. (Due to the whole Internet thing.) You can record in your own house,and promote yourself through the Internet to get fans and get your music out there. Then again I think it is harder to get a record deal, and actually earn a living at it. Social networks are good as they help to break down barriers between bands and their fans. However at the same time they take away the mystery. When we grew up you didn’t know what the bands were up to or chat directly to them. You had to go out every week and buy the latest magazines. These days we are updated daily,even hourly through twitter and Facebook regarding their every move. Perhaps too much?”

Future touring partners who would you think that Audrey Horne would be suited to going out on the road with,maybe a personal musical hero ?

Ice Dale”Maybe a world tour with Led Zeppelin if they were still around(laughs),or Acdc. We would have to meet them though and also use Angus Young,s catwalk.When we played with them their stage manager warned us off using that.”

As festival season approaches what are your plans?

Ice Dale” When we get back home we will play an extra home town concert-the last one was sold out.Then we start the festival season in Germany at “Rock Hard”and “Sweden Rock”and a Dutch festival.Festivals until September then we are going on tour again to include some Norwegian shows.Hopefully then record a new album.This debut UK tour has been going great.The shows haven’t been sold out,but the people have really enjoyed it.It is our first headlining tour of the UK,its good to be playing headlining rather than support sets.Our set consists of most of the latest album and some old classics.”

Looking forward to the show this evening. Thanks for chatting to Myglobalmind this afternoon.


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