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Fake Heroes – Divide and Rule Review

fake heroes_divide and rule cover

Released by: Antstreet Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Modern Rock/Nu Metal



Line Up:

Manuel Gatta – Lead Vocals

Gianni Vespasiani – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Simone Del Libeccio – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Francesco Cetrullo – Bass

Riccardo Ruiu – Drums



01 Jiddu

02 Fh

03 Anthill

04.Beyond This Glass

05 Betweensounds And Noises

06 Stealing

07 Wise Man

08 Don’t Believe Them

09 Reflection


A new band with a mission, that’s Fake Heroes from Pescara, Italy.

The name of the band was inspired by the current popular chase for the next X- factor (or whatever the name of the TV show is, it’s all the same) talent. People, mainly ‘vocalists’, are desperately seeking for fame where the only thing that counts for the business is making quick money by fooling the masses.

The recurrent theme on the debut album ‘Divide And Rule” is on par with that: the quick flow between dreams and illusions, the social decadence chasing for nowadays myths. Interesting, but confronting for many. So we’ve got a very intelligent, almost spiritual, bunch of musicians here.

After a self financed 4 track EP in april 2012 the band played at several festivals in their home country and even appeared as finalists at some TV Music contests. Now how do you reconcile that with the theme and lyrics ? Well maybe they wanted to succeed in the lion’s cage so to speak.

In late November 2012 the band under the supervision of Florence based producer, sound engineer, and musician Guido Melis recorded “Divide And Rule” their first official release for the German independent label Antstreet Records and Florence promoters Red Cat Promotion.

In the accompanying presskit the music is described as straight solid rock with a hint of classic and nu-metal. I don’t know if that falls under the same illusion-making as I already described above (making it perhaps more commercially attractive ?), but I feel the music has much more to do with modern heavy rock taking progrock detours. Yes, there are some metallic riffs but the challenging arrangements tend towards slightly complex, but irresistible, tunes that won’t fit in a specific mould. The moods on the album flow from aggressive and visceral to intense but introspective spirituality.

A find traces from King’s X (‘Beyond This Glass’) but also from power proggers like US-based Tiles (‘Between Sounds And Noises’) and Belgian outfit Ken’s Novel (‘Stealing’). Probably bands that both the band itself as many readers/listeners here never heard of so I can recommend them here as well haha.

‘Divide And Rule’ is an intelligent, interesting musical trip that needs multiple spins for coming in full bloom so my final verdict here is definitely on the positive side.

I hear a very promising band that hopefully will stay on the chosen, right path: following the heart and not the quick commercial success (don’t worry though this will not be the case with this kind of music).


Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    8/10




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