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Lordi at Limelight 2 Belfast May 4th, 2013


Photos by Jay Hawkins



Live Gig Review Credit: Mark Dean (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine)

Up to very recently my only awareness of Lordi,was as the “joke”metal monsters that won Eurovision several years ago. This changed on hearing their recent recorded opus “To Beast or not to Beast”.Outside the costumes,and shock-rock titles here was a band of quality musicians.Following an intriguing pre-tour interview with Mr Lordi himself I was curious to check the band out in the live arena.On including a Belfast date on their UK Tour schedule my mind was made up.

This was the bands debut show in our native land,and it drew a wide and varied cross-section of audience.Unfortunately the venue,s Saturday night “club” meant an early start for the show.Openers Italian power metal band Kaledon were a new name to me personally,despite having a long recorded musical legacy.I was very impressed with their technique and clear musical talent.Power metal is a genre that seems to be more accepted by European audiences,but it seemed to impress the N.Ireland crowd.Unfortunately the momentum established was lost when their vocalist sought to engage in some drawn out banter with the crowd.Don’t get me wrong engaging with an audience is great ,but trying to make jokes when English isn’t your first language,was clearly a mistake.Tune -wise I was very impressed,and they are definitely accomplished in their field.


© Jay Hawkins Photography


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Audience numbers were now increasing ,with a propensity for teenagers all keen to check out the theatrical Lordi performance. Excitement mounted,as various stage props were wheeled out onto the stage.The show itself fused many ideas from the innovator Alice Cooper,as well as more modern elements from Rob Zombie.For many people not familiar with those shows they appeared genuinely amazed by elements such as the beheading,and other aspects of the show.This scribe has seen and witnessed this sort of thing before however.While enjoying the show in a “pleasant “mood the theatrics didn’t have quite the same effect of completely blowing me away.Thus I tended to focus on the band itself and the songs that were played.

Fusing tunes from their latest release,from opener”We,re not bad for the kids (we,re worse),through “Something wicked”,Schizo Doll(something strangely alluring about the horror image with the keyboardist!),and “I luv ugly”The aforementioned Euro winning song of course had its place though not as a final farewell.The Lordi live experience was satisfying,and also visually entertaining.To the younger audience members they remained transfixed,and mesmerized throughout the show.For those more slightly advanced (like myself) who were sagely nodding along to the monster party anthems it drew us back to our youth when a certain Alice Cooper did it so much better. All in all a Saturday evening of rock cabaret ,which traversed the age gap.

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