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Suidakra – Eternal Defiance Review


Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Folk Metal



Line Up:

Arkadius – Guitars, Vocals, Banjo, Orchestral Arrangements

Lars – Drums & percussion

Tim – Bass, Backing Vocals

Jussi – Guitar, Backing Vocals



01. Storming The Walls

02. Inner Sanctum

03. Beneath The Red Eagle

04. March Of Conquest

05. Pair Dadeni

06. The Mindsong

07. Rage For Revenge

08. Dragon’s Head

09. Defiant Dreams

10. Damnatio Memoriae

11. Mrs Mcgrath (bonus track)


Folk metal. Yes folks, this is indeed a genre. I’m relatively new to this style, and I’m torn about how I feel about it. A crossbreed of black metal, symphonic metal and copious amounts of folk influence (folk being more along the lines of Celtic music as opposed to say Bob Dylan.) Suidakra are one of the bands I’m more familiar with, but only in a passing way (ie. I have heard a handful of songs from them over the years, but not much more than that.) Having started off as more of a traditional German black metal band, they have since morphed into one of the most respected and loved bands of the folk metal world. Hitting the shelves next month is their 10th release Eternal Defiance for AFM Records.

From its opening strains w to this style, and I’the listener is instantly drawn in by the pomp and circumstance of its powerful symphonic intro. Adding into the pomp is power and aggression, riffs ready to eviscerate your ears with a metal assault. The metal continues until you get to the haunting “The Mindsong,” a fairly straight acoustic folk song, which offers one of only a couple mellow moments on the album. For the most part Eternal Defiance offers up some very intense and masterful melodic black metal. For me, one of the bigger distractions in black metal are the vocals, but Suidakra’s, though guttural, aren’t as aggressive as some of the more standard black metal bands. Tempered with nice symphonic structures, and some very tasteful guitar work, the band has put together a very consistent and rewarding album.

Going in not being overly familiar with their work beyond a handful of songs, I walk away from Suidakra’s new album Eternal Defiance with an increased interest in them, and a better feeling of the folk metal style. Though I may never become a rabid fan of the sound, I can see me checking out more acts, as well as the other work from Suidakra. Fans of the band shouldn’t be disappointed with this release.



Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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