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Queensryche – Queensryche Review



Release Date: Out Now!!!

Prod. By Jimbo Barton

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Michael Wilton-guitars

Eddie Jackson-bass

Scott Rockenfeld-drums

Parker Lundgren-guitars

Todd La Torre-vocals



01.X 2

02.Where Dreams Go To Die


04.In This Light



07.Midnight Lullaby

08.A World Without

09.Don’t Look Back


11.Open Road


I can’t think of any other ongoing drama in music that has got as ugly as the dissolution of Queensryche into two competing albums. Since we all know the story, I’m going to dive right into the self-titled release that features former Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre.

There are so many high hopes invested in this by fans like me, who grew increasingly tired of what the band had been turning into, and for the most part even this album delivers on them. The energy present all through the album is something I honestly haven’t heard since Empire. Jimbo Barton’s production is rock-solid, and La Torre is an almost seamless fit with the group, with little or no adjustments being needed from the band.

The only real complaint is Ten Tracks In 35 Minutes?? This might have been acceptable in 1973, but I guess the advent of the 75-80 minute album of the digital age has probably spoiled us all. 2 of the 11 tracks, the instrumentals “X2” and “Midnight Lullaby” barely clock in at two minutes combined, and only 3 others make it past the four-minute mark. Seems like just as I was really getting to enjoy the groove of “Don’t Look Back”—BAM! DONE!…I’m left wanting more!

But when I think about it..With another cd with the QR name attached to it trying to get to market ahead of them, there was probably some pressure to hurry this toward release. I can’t see them willing to go that fast, especially with a new singer in the mix, but I’m happy they instead took the time to go out live and make sure it all worked together first, that everyone was on the same page. If we wind up with a little less music of this quality I can live with it.

The combination of “X2/Where Dreams Go to Die” gets it off to a slightly subdued start. It’s kind of dark and mid-tempo to be kicking this off for me. I like it, but I think I would have switched this to put “Redemption,” the first song to be sent out for the fans, as the opener. Within the first 30 seconds my attention was totally riveted, and by the end of the first chorus I was pretty sure all is going to be well for the future of this band.

But from there on we’re treated to a decent mix of midtempo numbers like “in This Light” and “A World Without,” and flat-out rockers like “Spore” “Vindication,” and “Fallout.” It closes with “Open Road,” –while a good one, it just kind of ends the album, not leaving one feeling like it’s done.

For all the pressures and hype and expectations, we’ve got the start of something really good here. If you’re like me you are definitely wanting more, which says they have done the job they set out to.


Written by Anton

Ratings    Anton    7/10


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