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Max Pie – Eight Pieces One World Review

max pie_coverart

Released by: Mausoleum Records

Release Date: June 28th, 2013

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Tony- Vocals

Dam’s- Guitars

OLi- Bass

Sylvain -Drums



1.Cage of Sins

2.I’m Sealed

3.Earth’s Rules

4.I’m in Love


6.The Side of a Dime


8.Don’t Tell Me Lies


Belgian band Max Pie started in 2005 and originally played Classic Hard Rock/Metal in the vein of Deep Purple. After many line-up changes the band begin to play Progressive Metal. The musicians are not novices, they are all mature and experienced according to pictures and I suppose that most of them are known from other projects.

Max Pie released their debut full-length CD “Initial Process” and now presents the second album “Eight Pieces – One World” which will be released 28th June 2013 by cult Mausoleum Records label.

The music is Modern Progressive Metal with strong Power Metal elements. It reminds me Eldritch, Symphony X and Swedish Prog act Andromeda. Songs have complicated and varied structures, aggressive elements are changed with beautiful melodic parts. Vocals are very good, Tony uses both modern rough (almost growls) and high clean voices. Again it is closer to Russel Allen and Terence Holler (Eldritch) and I like it very much.

Instrumentalists are superb and technical with high level needed for playing Progressive. It features Simone Mularoni – the guitarist with DGM and Empyrios – on two tracks “Earth’s Rules” and “Don’t Tell Me Lies”. In addition he produced, mixed and mastered this album and I have no complaints to his work because it sounds great.

“Cage of Sins” is a great opener, driven Prog in the vein of early Andromeda, powerful, heavy but pretty melodic. “I’m Sealed” is slightly more aggressive but anyway a very enjoyable song. “Earth’s Rules” is more melodic and bright with wonderful oriental motive in the middle which has something in common with King Diamond’s “Abigail”. Great track. It is not surprise that “I’m in Love” should be a ballad. But it is more than a traditional Metal ballad song, it is the longest track, atmospheric and emotional and it becomes more and more impressive and powerful. I always don’t always like slow songs but it is rare good exception from the rule. Contrary the next “Vendetta” is the heaviest composition here it is the weakest but not bad track to my mind and it contains some nice moments also. Nice oriental intro in “The Side of a Dime” turns into up-tempo mighty song, Andromeda meets Eldritch at their best, it is a really amazing work. The next song “Addictions” strikes again, very good melodies and drive, awesome guitar solo. Superb number, I like this album more and more. The last track “Don’t Tell Me Lies” is easily the best here. It includes everything that band showcases, a superb collection of all ideas.

“Eight Pieces – One World” is an excellent release. I like it much more than “Initial Process” which was less Power Metal-oriented and not so interesting. The band really progresses and creates almost flawless album. Almost all tracks are outstanding and “I’m Sealed” and “Vendetta” are just good songs. I recommend it for all fans of Modern Progressive Power Metal, it is absolutely must have!


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor    10/10

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