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Dio – Magica Deluxe Review

dio magica deluxe edition_cover

Released by: Niji Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Ronnie James Dio – vocals, keyboards

Craig Goldy – guitars, keyboards

Jimmy Bain – bass

Simon Wright – drums

Scott Warren – keyboards


CD 1  full album.


01. Discovery

02. Magica Theme

03. Lord Of The Last Day

04. Fever Dreams

05. Turn To Stone

06. Feed My Head

07. Eriel

08. Challis

09. As Long As It’s Not About Love

10. Losing My Insanity

11. Otherworld

12. Magica- Reprise

13. Lord Of The Last Day – Reprise


CD 2


01. The Magica Story (narrated by Ronnie James Dio)

02. Annica (Japanese-only bonus track)

03. Electra (recorded for “Magica 2” & “3”)

04. Feed My Head (official live bootleg)

05. Fever Dreams (official live bootleg)

06. Turn To Stone (official live bootleg)

07. Lord Of The Last Day (official live bootleg)

08. As Long As It’s Not About Love (official live bootleg)

09. Losing My Insanity (official live bootleg)


Ronnie James Dio exemplifies everything that is awesome about heavy metal. With one of the best, most recognizable voices, recognized worldwide as the consummate performer, a man who has appeared on some of the most important albums in the world of metal, his name is synonymous with such iconic acts as Rainbow, Black Sabbath, as well as a slew of his own solo albums. The passing of Dio represents one of the most significant and painful losses to not only the metal world, but the music industry period. A certifiable legend in the business with a career spanning into the 50’s with the release of some do wop type music all the way to his final release with Heaven and Hell in 2009, his music has touched the lives of so many people.

Since his death in 2010 there have been several remastered and live releases including his most epic of solo releases in the later part of his career Magica. Released originally in 2000, Magica is a sprawling concept album (supposedly part 1 of 3) that may very well be his heaviest and darkest non-Sabbath release in his career. With the return of Dream Evil guitarist Craig Goldy, as well as Jimmy Bain, Simon Wright, and Scott Warren. This marked his first release after 1996’s Angry Machines, one of the few albums in his catalog that didn’t particular sit well with me. I saw Magica at the time as a return to a more doom metal sound that seemed to be missing on the previous album. The songs were some of the best he had written in many years, with highlights such as “As Long As It’s Not About Love,” “Fever Dreams,” and “Losing My Insanity” he was on stronger footing than I thought with Machines, a departure in a lot of respects for Ronnie. It was his attempt, I felt, trying to placate the modern sound. Returning to his roots so to speak was the shot in the arm he needed. My only real complaint with this album is the spoken word stuff. Rarely does that idea work with me. Other than Operation Mindcrime or The Wall, most concept albums that have spoken interludes detract from the album. Other than that minimal issue, the album truly shows RJD at the top of his game. The two releases after were good albums, but never truly matched the greatness of this one. And now with his passing, we likely will never hear the completion of this trilogy.

On this deluxe reissue you get outstanding live version of several of the tracks from Magica. Listening to this album again really hits home the tragic loss of such an incredible talent. No one will ever be able to fill his shows. For anyone that is a fan of not only Dio, but metal music period should add this deluxe edition to their collection. It’s a magnificent album and a crowning achievement in a legendary career.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10

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