Drowning Pool, Eye Empire and Exilia at The Paramount Theater, NYC on Tuesday 25 June 2013



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Earlier this year Hard Rock band Drowning Pool announced the first leg of summer tour dates in support of their newly released album Resilience, which was released via Eleven Seven Music. The band will be touring much of the East Coast as well as the Midwest with support coming from Eye Empire.


“Resilience”, the fifth studio album from Texas heavy rockers DROWNING POOL, sold 6,300 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 72 on The Billboard chart. The CD was released on April 9 via Eleven Seven Music. The band teamed up with producer Kato Khandwalla at House of Loud Studios in New Jersey, as well as John Feldmann (THE USED, STORY OF THE YEAR), and completed the album in Dallas.



Eye Empire rocked The Paramount in NYC with unwavering force and style as these newcomers are slowly but surely building an empire of solid rock as they continue they’re midwest tour with Drowning Pool. Check out some of the photos from this live gig!!!

Eye Empire has built a following through unwavering perseverance. Their collective mantra of “Love, Respect, Support,” is one they practice internally, in all interaction with the fan base, and inevitably embrace with near evangelical fervor in the live show. Their mission is community, and unequivocally they have begun to build one that is populated by fans, friends, and other artists, covering corners of the globe from Ukraine to Ypsilanti and Santiago to San Francisco. Singer Donald “DC” Carpenter shares, “For me, it is something I feel is needed in the overall picture.

Musically, they have established a connection that has witnessed an organic swell. Bassist and in-house Producer Corey Lowery offers, “I think a lot of it has to do with the chemistry together. Musically, we are always pushing each other to stay fresh and new. We are always evolving. There’s a level of trust that we have for each other that allows us to take music from the heaviest with up-tempo to the simplest three-chord progression with a acoustic guitar. Rock ‘n roll’s is a rebellion art, so it’s very important to be fearless, not putting any ceilings on the art that we do. From the start we have kept this belief and we’ve watched it grow and it continues to grow to this day.”

After a year plus of radio support on the single “I Pray,” close to 400 appearances over the past couple of years, and a unity that keeps Eye Empire going strong, the focus shifts to crowd favorite “More Than Fate” as single number two. Carpenter offers, “I am deeply connected to this story. You truly have to live by your heart and trust that life will lead you in the direction you are needed. I believed and it led me to Eye Empire. I will never take that for granted.”

After three variations of a debut titled Moment Of Impact, Eye Empire packaged all of the band’s recorded work on to a 2-CD set titled IMPACT, and released to physical stores June 19, 2012. Alongside 19 studio recordings, three acoustic performances and two live cuts rounded out the release. The album was released by Bulldog Productions, whom the band holds in high regard. Carpenter reflects, “It’s goes way beyond any business aspect of gain. We needed partners who understood that we are family men, and that we are trying to do something that we are committed to building over the long haul. They trust our vision, and work with us to accomplish our collective goal. They’re in it for the long haul and we’re all in. The business is changing and Bulldog Productions is a facilitator of change, and we couldn’t be happier!” Lowery adds, “I’ve been signed to major labels and to be in a partnership with Bulldog has been nothing but a blessing. These guys don’t think about thinking outside of the box. They threw the box away and they’re rewriting the script of how music business should be handled for the future!! To be with a label that is as passionate about music as the band is something I haven’t seen in years.”

When asked about perception, many artists do not have a keen sense of what they aim to have their public image become. Carpenter, alongside his band mates, is not challenged by this sense of self. When asked how he wants the legacy of Eye Empire to play out, he articulates, “We are a band that is always evolving and encouraging our fans to come along for the ride. We are a band that brings their fans IN to the experience. They are a part of the evolution and we hold them accountable for their role in our success as a band. We’re in this together!”





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