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Eclipse Prophecy – Days of Judgement Review


Released by: Metal Maple Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Power Metal



Line Up:

David Mc Gregor – Vocals / Guitars

Martin Machado – Lead Guitars

Danny Mc Gregor – Bass Guitars



1. Animus Ara

2. Under Shadow’s Veil

3. Through The Storm

4. Circle Of Torments

5. A Dying World

6. Labyrinth Of Sanity

7. Days Of Judgement

8. Legions Of The Cross

9. Inferno

10. The Shattered Mirror


Canadian band Eclipse Prophecy was formed in Montreal in 2003 by lead vocalist, guitarist David Mc Gregor and keyboardist Frederik Dufresne and went through a number of band member changes. Their new line-up includes David Mc Gregor, brothers Martin Machado on lead guitar, Karlos Machado on bass guitar, and Landryx (from Unexpect) on drums.

The band debut CD “Days of Judgement” was released Feb. 1st, 2013 by Maple Metal Records.

Eclipse Prophecy plays Power Metal with elements of Speed and Epic Metal with slightly Progressive Metal touches. It is usually fast music and sometimes closer to Dragonforce and Ascension but a little bit heavier with some similarities to 3 Inches of Blood and Domine or to more straight-froward Metal like Iron Savior.

Keyboards arrangements are very nice; it adds more melodic elements to the music. They are widely used but usually stay hidden on the background. Drums were performed by Unexpect drummer Landryx and they sound Ok. Vocals of David Mc Gregor are cool, mostly in True metal traditions like Pete Silk but sometimes high and clean or with occasional screamings. Mc Gregor has also composed all songs and produced the record.

“Under Shadow’s Veil” is a very impressive opener, speedy and bombastic with wonderful string synths arrangements. It is one of the memorable songs and has often been playing in my head the last few days. The next 2 tracks “Through the Storm“ and “Circle of Torments” are also very good but slightly less impressive than “Under Shadow’s Veil” though I enjoy them, they are strong Power-Speed Metal songs. “A Dying World” has some mid-tempo moments but it is also mostly a fast up tempo song. “Labyrinth of Sanity” is in the same vein but has features a pretty piano part at the end. The title track “Days of Judgement” begins with small horror-like interlude and then goes the same up-tempo attack, with aggressive Speed Metal riffs but it is still has melodic moments. “Legions of the Cross” is the slowest composition here though it is more driven than a traditional Metal ballad and has very emotional parts, it is the most Epic track here. “Inferno“ speed-ups again. Bright synths, raging vocals, powerful guitar riffs, shredding yet melodic solo. It is everything that I like in Metal and I consider it to be the best song on this album.

The final number “The Shattered Mirror“ has some tempo changes and contains even more ultra-fast parts. Some growls and screams are nicely used along with normal vocals, it reminds me 3 Inches of Blood’s style of singing. Once again I am pleased with melodic keyboards. Piano outro closes this song and the whole album.

Some listeners could complain that the all songs are very monotonous and similar to each other, criticize that the keyboards are cheesy but I consider them only as minor flaws. I like the speed and melodic approaches here, it is very decent release and the unusual keyboards add some charm and originality. “Days of Judgement” is the awesome work for the debut album.


Written by Egor “EG Power”

Ratings    Egor     9/10


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