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Full Tilt – Balance Review

full tilt_balance_cover

Release by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock




Line Up:

Devan Stokosa – Vocals

Adam Furay – Bass Guitar

Nick Mucci – Guitars

Neil Moyer – Percussion



1. Balance

2. The Choice

3. Share Some Sugar

4. Reentry

5. Face the Day

6. Livin Lonely

7. Say Goodbye

8. Bring the Pain


Late last year we reviewed the self title debut Ohio’s young Melodic Rockers outfit Full Tilt. If you remember we gave some good props to the band around here on Myglobalmind, simply put we felt they have some real talent and their mix of modern melodic rock and old school classic rock licks bring a new flavor to this hard to break through genre. The guys from Full Tilt proving they are more then just a one luck wonder, they have return with their blue collar approach in their new CD Balance.

These rockers while young and trying to break out continue to impress here, not only do they stick to the formula of their debut, but all the elements of their debut are in full display here. Whether is the melodic 80’s hooks of “Share Some Sugar”, with it’s Danger Danger inspired chorus, to the modern approach in the opener of “Balance”. Where I really think the band just jumps out you is the modern hard rock vibe, just check out the cool intro into “Reentry” where vocalist Devan Stokosa does a great job of matching the atonement of he’s voice with the build up pace of the song.

The coveted more edgier riff in “Livin Lonely” features a nice vocal approach again by Devan, but while the simplistic guitar chords may not impress some even with a nice guitar solo, the overall rhythm and bass is solid, and the drum work by Neil Moyer are sealed and done very crisply. “Bring the Pain” ends the disc with some an outburst of modern aggression.

Bands like Full Tilt need your attention folks, so let’s go ahead and check out their new CD, go out and buy it, see them live because the mere fact that is so hard to try to break out especially this day in age in North America, they need you support. Perhaps a show of support from Ron Keel may have helped the band as he named them best new group of 2012 and a handful of other publications out there hailed them in their top 10 list of the year. Their new CD ” Balance” has the guys streaming forward in an upstream river of acts that often get overlooked, don’t be a fool and pass them by or you will be missing some great tunes. Short but sweet as it gets it’s point across; and if you’re not a gullible listener and like your rock melodic, catchy and modern, then do yourself a favor and check out Full Tilt now!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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